View Poll Results: Is your computer good enough for IL-2?

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  • IL-2 completely rips; bring on SoW:BoB!

    22 28.95%
  • IL-2 rips; not so sure about SoW:BoB

    29 38.16%
  • IL-2 runs pretty well

    11 14.47%
  • IL-2 runs adequately

    7 9.21%
  • IL-2 deserves better, but it's all I currently got

    7 9.21%
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    Upgrade lately? Still waiting for the final word on SoW:BoB to do so? Or are you just content (or stuck) with your current computer. Chime in on where you're at.

    For me IL-2 runs like a dream: heavy amounts of eyecandy, AI and puffy clouds on perfect cause no problems anywhere...bring on SoW:BoB!
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    danjama's Avatar Senior Member
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    waffen-79's Avatar Senior Member
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    IL-2 rips; not so sure about SoW:BoB
    indeed, the only game on my PC that doesn't run as I'd like to is ArmA 2, on chernarus, but on the ported arma 1 islands runs pretty well
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    WTE_Galway's Avatar Senior Member
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    Originally posted by TheFamilyMan:
    Upgrade lately? Still waiting for the final word on SoW:BoB to do so?
    Any one with sense is waiting to see what the 32 nm Sandy Bridge looks like before upgrading at the moment.
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    Jaws2002's Avatar Senior Member
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    Il-2 is an old game. Not really chalanging for a computer built in the last three-four years.
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    IL2 is easy.

    Modded SH4 is more difficult, but I still run it maxed out.

    ArmA2 Operation Arrowhead requires pulling some things back, view distance in particular. those that suggest ArmA II as an example for SoW's ground detail are crazy. It will never work in a flight sim.
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    If your computer doesn't run IL-2 well, you are either completely broke or just holding on to the good old days.
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    Can run IL-2 with a aircraft boost from Uberdemon with no problems.

    But running SoW:BoB will be a very different Beast indeed!

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    On my laptop I can't run Il-2 maxed out and still get good frame rates. I play with landscape geometry at its lowest setting (looks the same at over 1000 meters) and get decent frame-rates.

    But hey, if anyone wants to make a donation...
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    With all the mods I have it takes a couple of minutes to load. Otherwise, it runs great with all effects.

    Once in a while I pick up another 'eye candy' type game just to make her breath harder

    but otherwise still enjoying IL-2 full-bore on the same hard drive as I started with 7 years ago (but everything else is pretty new: video card (8 mos old), processor (1.5 yrs old), etc.

    SoW? It will take an i-7, Windows 7 64 bit, and maybe a server farm for proper frame rendering rates

    I can wait for now
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