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    I was just wondering. Are their any online squadrons on the net (for PF+AEP+FB) which primarily or considerably fly B52s together; which are also seeking new recuit(s)?

    If so, can I please make claim as one of these potential recruits? I've gotten quite proficient at flying and bombing within the B52 and feel my skill is best served collectively in a team effort.

    I don't believe I am up to scrach yet to join a fighter squadron but for some reason, despite considerably less flying time in any bombers I just clicked with the B52.

    I find manual level bombing quite easy, once the correct angles are used regarding speed and altitude.

    If teamspeak is required, please let me know and I'll go buy the necessary equipment (mic etc). If training (or evaluation) is required please let me know when and where. If you require NTRKS just tell me which aspects you wish to evaluate and I'll record and provide them without question.

    I'm am no expert or ace I'll admit that now, but I can bomb a target from 300-3000m and can fly in reasonable formation (on the right side of the leader). The left side still needs some minor work I'll overcome in short time.

    I have grown really attached to this simulator and are quite surprised how seriously many people take treat this aswell. Only once I started playing online did I start to understand the following IL-2 really has.

    Just hoping, in some squadron somewhere, their is atleast potential for me to join. I've been victim to many forms of great teamwork and feel this lone ranger approach only works so well, especially in bombers.

    One bomber can take out a few targets, a group of bombers will devastate them.

    Thanks for reading,

    regards; Dablin.
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    Either I'm dislexic, or you mean B-25.
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    Didn't you get patch 5.02?!?!?
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    Wow.....B-52's. That'd make quite an impact. I think one of those puppies carries more pounds of bombs than most B-17 squadrons did
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    You guys are harsh....

    Why dont u go post at the squadron forum mate, you will get a good response there

    I know that the RCAF squadron have made yet another new branch, the 405sq it is called. RCAF is made up of 443sq, 403sq and now 405sq. 405sq is a bomber squadron (dedicated). Im sorry i dont have the link right now, im not at home, ill post the link asap

    *edit* http://www.rcafac.com

    Go there and check out the guys and the forums, their nice guys.
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    Which one you wanna be?

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    Some of them are female right?

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    Rock lobster!

    I'm a natural leader so I'll take Fred Schnieder as my co pilot.

    My B-25 was at the beach.... everyone had magic rounds..... there we saw a rock.... it wasn't a rock - it was a rock lobster!!!

    So I got my B-25 in a jam, and I found out I was inside a clam!
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    Originally posted by Ploughman:
    Some of them are female right?

    In theory, anyway...
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    Mate try this lot.They fly the B25 a lot.
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