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    Originally posted by ytareh:
    Any suggestions where Id get a Volume 1?(tried ebay -no luck)
    it shows up occassionaly on abebooks.com

    not cheap though. Though there are lots of vol 2 there.
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    "Is volume 1 still getting a reprint as well?"

    Well, maybe, and maybe not. As a matter of fact, there are two different publishers looking into this. One is thinking of doing it as my extemsively revised second edition of Black Cross/Red Star, Vol. 1. The other one is thinking of doing more or less the same work (in reality my extensively revised second edition of Black Cross/Red Star, Vol. 1) as a separate title, not linked to the BC/RS series.

    In any case, my very revised second edition of Black Cross/Red Star, Vol. 1 is - in reality - more or less a completely new book. Most of the material is new, i.e. is based on new research and did not appear in BC/RS Vol. 1. And not only the text - the photos, illustrations, most is completely "new". (If one can call 64 year old photos new. . .)

    All the best,

    Christer Bergstr√¬∂m

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    Herr Bergstr√¬∂m.

    We're looking forward to finally seeing BC/RS Volume 3 in print. Is the series still planned for 4 volumes? Thank you for your excellent work that deftly brings together this picture of just one part of the Second World War.

    I have seen BC/RS Volume 1 offered for sale at well over $US 100. Supply&Demand? Any idea how many copies of Volume 3 will make up the first printing? I'll be sure to get my copy when it's released.
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    Any Idea when you will know if vol. 1 will be reprinted? I missed it and cannot seem to find it. I would like to buy #2&3 but would like the complete set. No point if I can't get #1. Any ideas? I am not interested in paying more then the cover price. I live in US.
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    I have a question.

    There is one issue about combat flying in the 109 (or most planes) that I cant find enough info about , and that bugs me, since I usually find what I'm looking for.

    The 109's use of "manual" propeller-pitch (not auto) in combat. Not cruising or landing but close-in combat.
    Now I know the later 109 had automatic prop-pitch, But did the pilots still switch to "manual" to gain speed? How was it to fight with the early models without autopitch and when exactly did the autoprop-pitch become standard.

    This issue have gotten mythical status on these boards and I hope to get it cleared out.
    Since you have talked to so many german pilots, would it be possible to ask this question ; if the pilots used the manual prop-pitch during combat? What situations? was it commonly used or only by experts?
    How much gain in speed was there?

    I have gotten the impression that most pilots used the autopitch only in combat since the engine was so easily damaged if wrong setting by accident was applied.

    I would be most greatful for any info in this matter.
    (Hope I didn't load too much work on your shoulders...mate)



    I thought about writing to surviving 109 pilots myself to ask this question but I have chickened out so far.
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    Definitely high on the "coolness" list. I will without a doubt pick up a copy...as well as one of those reprints of Vol.1 (should it come through). I got a copy of Vol.2 a couple years ago and was compelled by the reading and information provided on an aspect that has been somewhat obscure here in the states.

    Thx Bergstrom

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    !!! 765 dollars and 88 cents for Vol1 on Amazon.com!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!WOW!
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    Originally posted by Tooz_69GIAP:
    Excellent stuff!!

    Is volume 1 still getting a reprint as well?
    Yeah.. what's up with that insane price on amazon for vol.1. It smells like classic blackmail.

    I hope they'll go with reprint. Would like to have it but no way I'm gonna cash out over 700 bucks on it..
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    Originally posted by ChBergstrom:
    This is not a commercial ad; I just thought it might interest the community here to know that after some delays (due to change of publisher), Volume 3 of my "Black Cross/Red Star: Air War Over the Eastern Front" is now finally due to be published. See:


    Volume 3 of "Black Cross/Red Star" has the subtitle "All For Stalingrad" and mainly deals with the great air battle over Stalingrad in the summer and fall of 1942. You can expect quite detailed descriptions of that air battle, also suitable for mission profiles for IL-2. There are a few samples on the site above.

    Moreover, I have started working on the biography on 206-victory Luftwaffe ace Walter Schuck. This in cooperation with Herr Walter Schuck. There are several updates on the Walter Schuck website which also might interest the IL-2 community:


    All the best & always at your service

    Christer Bergstr√¬∂m
    That's great news... as soon as a price is determined (couldn't find that info on the Eagle Editions web site) I intend to pre-order it. I have both the previous volumes, and am keenly interested in obtaining new volumes as they come out. (Yes, I expect to see more!)

    Thank you, and keep up the great work!
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    Mr Bergstrom writes excellent books. Vol1 reprint would be much appreciated
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