The purpose of this thread is to serve as a place where gamers can weigh in on games they'd like to see published by Ubisoft.

I'll start with three Wii games:

1) Earth Seeker (an adventure-RPG that has been released in Japan but has yet to be published outside it.)

Japanese website: Earth Seeker

2) Rodea (a flying game by the creator of NiGHTS, whose development is complete, but which is yet to be published ).

Japanese website: Rodea: The Sky Soldier

3) Takt of Magic (an RTS akin to Lost Magic for the DS, which was released in Japan some time back, but not outside it).

Review: The most underrated game on the Wii

I've mentioned the last title earlier - but it strikes me now as an ideal game to bundle with the Drawsome Tablet.