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    may we please have a quickfix patch for damage model, weapon ballastics, fm correction and reduced aaa accuracy patch for 4.03m.
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    Originally posted by whEinstien:
    may we please have a quickfix patch for damage model, weapon ballastics, fm correction and reduced aaa accuracy patch for 4.03m.
    So they're all porked?

    Oh, and you failed to mention in what way...
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    get back under the bridge
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    I do not think he was typing to you guys and have you tried flying a Mosquito against ground targets lately?

    The request was respectful and and your responses are not.

    whEinstien, welcome to the ubizoo, not all of the inhabitants live in the same cages as the guys above but there are a lot of them, do not let them discourage you.
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    What do you understand by "quick"? Even if those were true problems (wich I don't think they are)... a quick fix? You must be kidding. We waited for this patch many months and it was delayed so much, obviously for minor "quick" fixes. If your problems are true you shoud expect you "quick" fix in 1 year... or maybe not

    And also you should be more precise when pointing a problem.
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    Without specifics it's a little hard to take this seriously.

    My general view of the subject is this:

    Damage model

    Fine, within the limitations of the game. Engine, pilot, fuel tanks, control cables can all be damaged, destroyed and are modeled internally. Flaps, alierons and rudders can be shot off or damaged. The DM in IL2 is better than in any other flight sim I have played to dat.

    Freakish stuff happens occasionally, as it did in real life: in the last week, offline, I have had a single 20mm MG round cutting a P-47 in half and got a pilot kill and an engine fire against a FW 190A with just two .50 cal rounds. But, I've also put over 2 dozen 20mm rounds into a 190D only to have the bugger slip away from me.

    As in real life results vary.

    There are two main let downs:

    1.The propensity for some planes to explode in mid-air from concentrated heavy cannon fire needs to be toned down. Fire and crippling damage were far more common.

    2. Trailing edge hits seem to do less damage than they should, making dead 6 shooting relatively ineffective (but far from totaly so)

    Weapons ballistics

    I see no problem here. The ballistics of all weapons appear to be reasonably accurate to their real life counterparts. The M2 fires flat and hard, retaining energy well. The Mk 108 chunks out the 30mm rounds in a suitable arcing trajectory. The 20mms are a mixed bag, as they were in real life.

    Relative weapon performance seems about right as well, with the possible exception of small to medium calibre AP rounds being hard done by because of the lack of critical systems internally modelled (ammunition boxes, radios, hydraulic and oil resivors, oxygen bottles, linkage lines etc).

    I'm just basing this off personal weapons research, not having actually fired anything larger than a .303 in my life.

    FM correction

    Always controversial. Everyone seems to want their plane(s) to perform exactly as they think it flew, or should of flown. All sides have their own personal account of how their plane was superior in whatever aspect.

    In general there are some flaws, which are inbuilt and inherent and linked to some basic limitations to the sim.

    1. Heavy planes appear to have problems with their building, retention and loss of energy.

    2. Relative dive acceleration and zoom models ahistorically favour lighter aircraft.

    Some planes underperform or overperform according to the data that we have. However, we may not be privy the data which the FM's are based on.

    Generally speaking, in most cases, the relative performance of aicraft matches their historical performance, to within a few percent. Nothing is PERFECT, but almost everything is acceptable. When its not, the community usually picks up on it and whines till they go red in the face and turn blue.

    AAA accuracy

    I actually think its more like AAA awareness and rate of fire which need adjusting. Gunners in IL2 are robots.

    Remember that Oleg has stated repeatedly in the past the AAA was made more effective than real life in order to compensate for the reduced numbers of guns because of performance issues.

    A general rule of thumb is that in IL2 each piece of AAA is roughly 3-4 times more effective than its real world counterpart. A single gun is more representative of an entire battery in performance.

    This makes life easy for your computer and mission builders, but hard for pilots who dont understand why it is that way it is.
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    The only "quick fix" that is needed is the hit box problem with the Mosquito. Currently the aircraft is basically unusable.
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    Originally posted by ElAurens:
    The only "quick fix" that is needed is the hit box problem with the Mosquito. Currently the aircraft is basically unusable.
    a secound could be the Ju88 auto flap settings - very annoying during landing approach and at start for the AI.
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    i think this patch was rushed out, hence these bugs

    flying a mossie with anything vaguly flakish about is suicide. the mossie dm is really odd and weak, but its not only that...
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