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    Just got a cheap 2 channel Heli for christmas, its more morish than crack. I'm hooked, so now I just went and bought a 4 channel Walkera 4#3. With a few extras and spares! Wooot

    I will post pics and a review when I get it.

    If the novelty factor doesnt wear off once I've learnt to fly it, I'll get an outdoor model with collective pitch!
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    yes...I got one of those small (6in. long) ones made from foam which bounce instead of break if dropped hard....with dual blades on top

    for my son to play with....

    the big dept store wanted US$50.... but I got mine at an RC shop for US$13

    it can only go up and down though
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    judging from the title i thought you were gonna write about the bug in il2 where the game crashes when the "request assitance to tower mesage is sent"
    im not totally sure it was that one but some message to the tower it was
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    So...you have the RC bug as well eh? I still have my planes in the garage, not having been used in a few years, but I may have to get them back out sometime...after I renew my AMA membership. My pride and joy was my 1/5 scale Mustang. When I was at the point where I thought I would never fly again, I sold that Mustang's retractable landing gear and 45cc engine on Ebay. Maybe I should have never done that, but back then I needed the extra money and that stuff was worth quite a bit.
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    I have had the bug too now for about 6 months and own several of the 2 channel mini foam helis. They are a blast. My only beef with them is the forward and backward direction. You have to weight the nose down to create forward motion. A few days ago the bug bit again and I went looking for a 4 channel mini heli on ebay which I bought for 40$. That should give me the directional control I am looking for, hopefully. It should be here tomorrow, I can't wait!
    Wow Choctaw, a 1/5 scale Stang? I bet that was awesone to have and fly.
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    After years and literally thousands of dollars on "smokers", I've migrated to electric and find I fly much more and have more fun as a result. They're also cheaper.

    Look at these: http://www.modelflight.com.au/parkzo...e_spitfire.htm
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    That Parkzone Spitfire looks pants. Have a look at the Alfa Models or Flying Styro kits - Hobby-Lobby.com has some (they have videos of them all in flight).
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    I wish I never ever get one of those things. I'll be lost forever.
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