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    thank you!
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    I'm stunned that the Wing-Walkers have been removed from the list...They are easily the oldest consistantly running squadron in IL2, even on the internet.


    EDIT: Verified/re-acitivated
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    Blaubär Club

    please add:

    Blaubär Club

    Thanks Paulie

    EDIT: Verified/Added
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    Other/Genric, what happened to Global?

    While I am glad to see that the Tempest Union is still listed among the active squadrons as we opened our SEVENTH year of continuous operation in January 2012, I am bit dismayed to see there is no longer a "Global" Category, of which we were rightly proud.
    Now we find ourselves in this other/Generic category, as if didn't care enough to claim a State. Well, the Tempest Union is above States, it is a Global Organization that local governments call out to when
    There are a few other squads who put up with scheduling practices of games over 18 time zones, but their hours of effort could at least be acknowledged
    Any chance of opening category Global, for those of who do span the World?
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    No.303 Fighter Squadron
    Royal Air Force
    No.452 Fighter Squadron
    Royal Australian Air Force (Australian branch)


    EDIT: Verified/Added WV

    EDIT: Link no longer valid. Removed. WV
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    Please add: in Germany

    II.Jagdgeschwader 77 "Herz As."



    Verified/Added WV
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    Please update StG77 info... We are back after long break

    Name: Stukageschwader 77
    Tag: StG77_
    Virtual Nationality: German / English speaking
    New Website link: Stukageschwader77

    Best regards

    Verified/Added WV
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    Hi all from the 5th Virtual Squadron we would be thankful if we could be added in the il2 Sturmovik Squadrons List...as far as Pilots the majority are from Italy , but we have also other Pilots from different European Countries such as Sweden , Swiss, England, Germany and France..i guess we're more like an European Squadron

    Our Website http://5thvirtualsquadron.jimdo.com/
    Forum http://5thvirtualsquadron.forumfree.it/

    Verified/added to Italy. WillyVic
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    New Squadron

    666th Bomber Squadron
    don't have website yet.
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    Virtual 80th Fighter Group - Burma Banshees
    Posted under USA
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