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    So I got ACR last Thursday. I play to Sequence 2 about to start 3. I left that as a good stopping point. So I go to bed wake up Friday morning and my Xbox is on it's side so I'm like ok my little brother played it last night (he isn't supposed to by I don't care)

    So I turn I on and start playing and it freezes on the Ubisoft symbol... I quit and try again same thing so then I opened the tray and look at it the laser reader had cut a perfect circle in the back of the disk. so I interrogate my brother and sure enough he had tried to play it and he knocked it over and it broke. Unfortunately Gamestop was out of games and so now I have to wait till tomorrow after school or Tuesday after school. Sorry for my rant but I needed to get that out.
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    Its a common problem with xbox ive lost a few disc to the same problem and found that leaving your console on its side is a bad idea anyway since its so easy to topple over...

    i have one in the bedroom that seemed to develop a career of doing it so it doesnt get turned on anymore...

    you can take the disc to gamestation i believe it is that can run it through a machine for 1pound that sometimes fixes the problem disc if its not to engraved.

    also if you only just purchased the disc in the last few days you may get away with a refund my console wrecked my copy of mass effect 2 (3days after purchase) i took it back to the store ranting and raving making lots of noise but in a controlled polite manner and got a refund, along with a warning that the store doesnt sell discs in that condition.

    and after a gentle reminder that maybe they should provide proof it wasnt sold to me like that, i was escorted softly out the shop by security with a new copy and a huge smile
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    Haha thanks. I just went to Gamestop with my recipt and said it was defective and they said ok and said they would call me when more came in.
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