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    Why do you assume I dont have the game or cant read? I tried to install the game with the auto install and it doesnt work! I need to know which files i need to cope and paste in my game so I dont mess up my current game. It wont install at the end of the install it stops and says was not installed. So if anyone knows how to manually install the game please let me know or email me with the install instructions if you dont want it posted for what ever reason?!

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    are you installing it with a dvd burner ? what OS, is it patched.
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    Heh I don't know will this work, but when installation comes to breaking point simply copy destination folder to another location if setup copied all essential files you will be okay (I guess...) But why do you bother with that if instalation doesent work return it to the store, they should provide you with a fix or a new media and that is the ONLY way to be sure everything will work ok.
    Good Luck!
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