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    Today I sailed through AM-52.. After seeing nothing but ghosts and shadows, I decided to move north to the Arctic lanes. Then I got a radar signal warning. Thinking it was a plane again, I dive to P depth. It turned out to be several warships heading straight for me. When they got closer, I poked the scope up and saw what I have never seen before, a Bogue Escort Carrier!!

    It would pass about 2000 meters from the stern. I fired off one magnetic shot in hopes of slowing it down... Which connected nicely. Never seen a warship putting on such fireworks display

    After the carrier sank, there was a slight problem of the four remaining angry escorts. One of them apparently picked us up

    The escorts started crowding around us as the carrier sank upside down

    The escorts started encircling the boat in hopes of retaliation. They gradually drew closer

    And closer

    Ok, that's a bit too close for comfort

    These two escorts were in such hurry to blow us up, that they almost crashed into each other!

    I am currently attempting to get away from them, which sometimes seems like an impossible task. Story continues tomorrow, if I get away that is
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    Great job, FH, I hope you can live to tell us the end of this...
    Have a beer on me.
    OzS Von Clausewitz
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    Inside B turret closing the breech
    Run silent, run deep.

    good luck.
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    Did you make it???
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    Okkay, I finally made it! Finally being a good word, until those destroyers ran out of depth charges and gave up the hunt. I was depth charged numerous times, had to blow ballast a couple times until we were dangerously low on compressed air. A couple bombers showed up and almost blew up one of their own ships. I decided to shoot a torpedo at the expert destroyer, but was caught in a shallow DC run, which we evaded only by a miracle. Wasn't going to try that again, so down to 230 meters we went. A couple decoys later they gave up and headed off into the Atlantic. Right now I am trying to get into a firing position on a huge convoy made up of heavy ships, which is a bit difficult, since I am trying to outrun a DD that picked me up. I am at ahead flank, WAY ahead of the convoy, and it wouldn't give up
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    Congratulations on sinking the carrier, and living to tell the tale.
    You encountered a hunter-killer group; the carrier is bait to draw you in .... if the escorts don't get you (and they are tenacious), the carrier's aircraft might.
    One of these groups sank me twice; the third time I ran the game, I ignored the group and went silently on my way, sinking a freighter about 50nm North.
    U-boats were never designed to take on warships; that they did so effectively on occasion is testament to the skill, determination and bravery of their crews.
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