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    Well I'm a bit puzzled over this... how come that this Heinkel exploded so violently in mid air. It is so rare situation in game for enemy fighter to explode after being hit with MGs let alone big bomber.

    Event in question is on around 4th minute of the track.

    So what's your guess?
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    He has seen the other "1 vs. many" tracks you posted here and at CWOS, and wants no part of you.
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    Sorry site not found.

    But I shall guess bombload went up?
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    Direct hit by AAA to the bomb bay, perhaps. It's happened before...
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    Originally posted by Waldo.Pepper:
    bombload went up?
    I don't know is that possible... I know I saw that some guys were talking about bombload went up on some occasions but I thought that they were only kidding.

    So if it is possible to "activate" bombload inside bomber I guess (hypothetically) that we can hit bombs with guns in mid air too? BTW it is possible to destroy an airplane with bombs in mid air (funny stuff if you hit airplane in air with bomb with delayed fuse, he'll go off not immediatelly but after a few moments. Also it seems that airplane just soaks delayed bomb up because he took no apparent damage from bomb hitting him before explosion).

    Also I've checked the link and it works (it works for me). Maybe right click on link and seletc "save as..." if left click wont do.
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    Set up a Pe-8 with a FAB 5000 and shoot where the bomb bay is. You will see, that you can eventually bombs accidentally
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    This happened to me just last night.

    Was flying a B25 over a target with loads of flak, seriously loads.

    All of a sudden I blew up in mid air.

    I guessed an 88 hit to the bombload, but someone said that couldnt happen in the game.

    It wasnt a plane to plane kill as I didnt get the 'Xiola has been destroyed by *****' message. Just 'Xiola has been killed'.

    There uis a slight chance I hit a ballon cable, but I didnt see it.
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    Well it's obvious isnt it?

    He's using a P-40
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    Well I'm a bit puzzled over this... how come that this Heinkel exploded so violently in mid air.
    Back from the original IL-2 days I found that if you attack an He-111 and swoop underneath and then fire into the wing root you can get it to explode even with the twin 12.7mm guns of a Mig-3. I am guessing that there is a fuel tank modelled there?
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