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    Torrent is here:


    I'm going to try this because with 4.09 when I tried it without the torrent I kept getting a corrupt download, and only the torrent got me a clean one.
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    Got the Torrent. I'll leave it up on my PC as long as possible through the weekend.
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    Originally posted by X32Wright:
    288mb download took 7 minutes on DSL.
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    waffen-79's Avatar Senior Member
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    already got it, having a blast with it

    now all that is left is that the popular servers convert

    old tracks are compatible
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    Absolutely love the Hs-129 cockpit!

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    The torrent didn't take all that long for me, I can't remember exactly how long but definitely not more than an hour.
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    I downloaded this MEGAUPLOAD file and Norton went crazy and deleted it because of a threat. Was this because it was an .EXE file or is this site sending out virus's???
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    The megaupload link had been safe for me and other people so it could be a false positive. It worked here and safe for me since I actually am the one who uploaded it after I got it from one of the official links.

    I actually used that .exe to actually patch mine.
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