View Poll Results: If you had to pick from these five fighters, which one would you use?

35. You may not vote on this poll
  • Bf-109

    13 37.14%
  • Spitfire

    8 22.86%
  • P-51 Mustang

    10 28.57%
  • Yak

    2 5.71%
  • Carrier Based (A6M,F4U,F6F...)

    2 5.71%
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    From this list the P-51, but otherwise I'll go with the Millennium Falcon.
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    blakduk's Avatar Senior Member
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    Jan 2005
    Sorry dude, your question is too vague. What variant are we talking about with each one?
    Eg- Spit Mk1 was a dud, but the XIV was exceptional
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    use your imagination
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    Your poll is WAY too narrow. Sure they are all nice fighters but what about birds like the Hurricane, P-38, FW190 or Laggs.

    A general question; What is your favourite WW2 figher might be better.

    As for me my favourite isn't even included in the game yet; the Typhoon Ic with the blown ood, whip aerial and the improved Sabre putting out 2200 hp. 400 mph on the deck,baby!
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    P-51D model.
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    VW-IceFire's Avatar Senior Member
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    Favorite fighters?
    1) Tempest
    2) Spitfire
    3) Mustang

    If I'm allowed to include a fourth...the FW190. But I love flying pretty much everything. I have too many favorites...there's very few aircraft I don't like for some reason.
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    190 is best
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    If we don't have to pick from the list I'm going with the F-80. Grandfather flew one in Korea, I've always liked it.
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