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    Hey fellow pilots,

    Have you heard of this new game, looking at the screen shots it looks like a game, compared to olegs If you know what i mean.

    What's the point in developing these games when olegs are have better graphics and more realism???
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    er...for people who don't like better graphics and realism?

    maybe for guys who dislike shelling out 200+ for equipment to get into flight for the first time before finding out they hate it. I dunno.
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    it's not a simulator...
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    Do you mean 'Heroes of the Pacific' ? or is this a new game that I don't know of, please post a link if this is the case.

    When it come to 'Heroes of the Pacific' this does seem to be very 'gamey', but might also be good fun.

    there are some NEW wallpapers and a video at this site:


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    Hey! They stole our muzzle flash!

    Looks like a little light fun. Wings of War for the PTO.
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    I've now reached battle #15. Does someone have a secret as to the optimal position to hit these ships with my torpedos? Is there a best angle, best approach, etc and how many ships does one have to sink and fighters shot down to win this round?
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    The Tempest is hilarious...it shows how little historical research they did.

    Thats a Tempest target tug aircraft. That and there are four bombs and giant muzzle flashes. I guess its meant to be fun and all that but a proper squadron service cammo look would have been nicer.
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    My guess is they just went with whatever they thought looked coolest, history be darned . .
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