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    This is a copy/paste from the 1C forum:
    From Luthier:

    Hi everyone. Iím very sorry to see that some of you are having technical difficulties with the game. It pains me personally to see that these problems are preventing you from enjoying everything the game has to offer.

    The team has been working at a frantic pace since mid-summer. I personally have been working 12+ hour days 7 days a week pretty much non-stop, with only a short breather around Christmas. Optimization has always been our top priority; for example, the game you are playing now is roughly twice as fast as the version shown at Igromir.

    We are continuing to work at the same pace now, after the release Ė no weekends in sight. We are working very hard to make the game better, and we hope that even those of you who are unhappy with the state of the game are still able to see that it is worth the wait, and that you have faith in our ability to improve on your experience.

    Hereís what we are working on at the moment:

    1. Performance increase. Over terrain, the two things that slow things down the most are trees and buildings. We are currently in final stages of testing optimized buildings that almost double the FPS over London on a test machine.
    Tree optimization is a little farther away. You will probably see changes in how trees are rendered, theyíll take longer to appear over terrain, but once again, performance increase should be significant.
    If everything tests correctly over the weekend, both of these should be released by early to mid next week.

    2. Enhanced multicore support. The mode that we unfortunately were not able to finish in time is sending all render to a dedicated CPU core. The mode is working but somewhat buggy. It easily doubles the FPS, and the performance boost is especially noticeable in larger missions with lots of stuff going on.
    This is probably at least two to three weeks away, and we will probably do a short public beta of this major change before itís made live to everyone.

    3. Multiplayer. There is something in steam filters that prevents game servers from being found. This is only happening with live retail versions of the game. This apparently isnít caused by us Ė hopefully itís just a simple oversight somewhere and the fix will be a simple flick of a switch.

    4. FM and ballistics. We have already addressed the issue where rounds appeared to leave aircraft sideways. This was caused by the difference between physical and rendered position of the aircraft, i.e. the rendered position lagged behind the actual aircraft position.
    Our aircraft programmer has a huge bucket list of things to check, which heís going over at a rather brisk pace.

    5. Resurrecting SLI support. This is our next biggest priority; itís done by the same programmer now in final stages of optimizing buildings. We are really hoping this will be a quick task, but I donít have an ETA at this point. Itíll either be a couple of days, or a much longer undetermined amount of time if we have to submit versions to card manufacturers and ask for their input.

    6. Bug fixes and support. We are reading this forum a lot and some Russian-language forums, and working very hard to address all issues as they are being reported.

    7. New stuff Ė larger online maps, some new aircraft such as the 109E1 and E4 etc Ė are all in the pipeline too, but obviously we need to solve the bigger issues first and then deal with the freebies.

    Thank you all for your continuing support! Just FYI, Iím constantly doing 20 things at once, so if I donít respond to your question it doesnít mean I didnít read it! Iíd love to spend more time on the forums talking to the community and answering questions, but unfortunately I just cannot do it as much as I should at the moment. Please bear with us, we do really want to make all of you very happy!
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    I'm not sure whether your publisher forced your hand in releasing the game early, but the state it is currently in, i think it is fair to say you are taking advantage of consumers and all the fans your company has gained over the years.

    We handed over our money expecting a game and instead only got your promise that we will eventually have a game. At least if I'd preordered it and you never delivered, I'd be able to get my money back. Now I'm stuck without the cash and without the game.
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    thankyou for posting uther
    although a little disapionted to see no mention of force feedback yet
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    Thank you for the info Uther.
    Was going to cancel my DVD order after reading all the bad experiences. Your comments have allayed enough of my concerns to allow me to let things stand. Seems by time I get it in early May,things will be much better, even if not completely sorted.
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    It must be all the years of tweaking IL-2 that has enabled me to make a successful installation and get off the ground in a Tiger Moth!

    Unlike some, I'm happy to tool around while you and your team press on with optimising and bug-fixing. I know this is going to be a worthy successor to the previous series.


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    That's what we all wanted to hear! I can only presume UBISOFT pushed this game out early as despite it's enormous potential it does look very unfinished at time of release.
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    This is fantastic new,I hope this helps some people here be a little more patient with 1C who are clearly working their ***'s of to deliver us the sim they know COD can be.

    Good times ahead for the patient people
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    Yep its very good news and making contact on the forum is very much appreciated also.
    At present everyone is annoyed but giving them an update is a help.
    Having said that, as previously said we have all turned into BETA testers here and are without what we paid for.
    Once the dust settles for you guys could you take a look whether it will be possible offer people that purchased this game prior to release something as a good will gesture?
    I dont care whos fault this all was but its happend and it would be nice to have something by way of an appology.

    I have one question that I would love to have answered.
    What spec was the machine you have been running in the office to produce the amazing graphics and gameplay?
    I would probably by the same rig if I knew this.
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    Sounds pretty good, especially the proposed fixes for ground objects and multicore support. Hopefully it all works out in the end.

    Also damn, Luthier's English is really good, did he grow up in the US or something? Oleg is the man but his posts have always been...interesting.
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    Originally posted by x6BL_Brando:
    Unlike some, I'm happy to tool around while you and your team press on with optimising and bug-fixing. I know this is going to be a worthy successor to the previous series.
    I hope it does get there in the end, but I paid for a working game, not to spend hours screwing around trying to make it playable and then have to wait days/weeks/months/years for the developers to catch up. I can understand your loyalty, to a point, but this is ridiculous. We've been treated with blatant contempt. I've seen this happen with a couple of games in the past and hung in there waiting for fixes that never came, so I don't think it is acceptable business practice to treat consumers this way.
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