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    as the thread title suggests.

    I've used mat manager for years as the default markings were rough to say the least.

    however since there being reworked in 4.10, i want to have a look.

    i've uninstalled the program, but still have the mat manager markings, anyone have any ideas for what i have to delete, to get default stuff back?
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    Edit your conf.ini file to change ClearCache=0 to ClearCache=1. Delete all the files in your \PaintSchemes\Cache folder.

    MAT Manager worked by storing altered .mat files in the cache (permanently, thus the ClearCache line) to change the markings used by the game.
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    thank you
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    MatManager was THE awesomest program in its day but the all in one mods incorporated improvements in the area of decals and kinda made it less essential-stock decals at the time were ridiculous..Then again it could do some cool stuff like using exact markings for given years in WW2 and unit markings etc.Was very hard to install right first time .
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    well, i'm back with mat manager.

    new default markings are a massive improvement on the old 'stock' markings, but i still prefer mat mangers stuff.
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    Obviously it gives much more options for a personal taste, but with the patch, the markings now show correct type for different timeframes (at least for Germany and Russia AFAIK).

    EDIT: deleted a bit due to misinforming. Nevermind.

    There have been made deep research in this changing, its not just new visuals.
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    I use a mix of Mat Manager and new default settings. I never liked the way MM rendered many of the Soviet red stars on the planes. They were either too small, too ugly, or not positioned correctly on the wings or fuselage. I have my own set of red stars - based on the old default set of stars - that match with the aircraft quite nicely and are centered correctly.

    I do prefer MM for Luftwaffe decals, particularly for the staffel markings (<O-, <-, <<-, etc.) and geschwader badges. The new default crosses look great though, and I now use those ("Unweathered" decal options in MM) on "new" planes issued to our squad in DGen missions.
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