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    Ok now i bought the Altair costume for Ezio and well its just Desmond in Altair's costume! is it just me or has somebody els noticed this?
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    They all have the same face my friend. All 3 of them.

    In AC1 Desmond and Altair had the same face.

    In AC2 they updated the graphics a bit so Desmond looks a bit different but yes he has the same face as Altair.

    People think Ezio looks a bit different. Most forget he goes from a teenager to a 40 year old during the game though.

    When you meet Caterina for the first time, Ezio's face is the same as Desmonds as they are around the same age I believe.
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    no no..... i have fished the game and ezio looks different to desmond with the beard and that! now when i put the costume on i expect him to look the same! so he look MORE like Desmond than Ezio!
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    Well yeah, he has a beard and he's 40 at the end of the game.

    Desmond is like in his early twenties.

    Like I said, they all have the same face and Ezio looks just like Desmond and Altair when you first go to Venice.

    I can confirm this with my 50" plasma TV.

    I've checked out the faces and the walk to an almost ******ed amount.

    Don't forget, Desmond and Altair both got a graphical update since the first game.
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    yeah i know
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