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    Sorry! I have El Capitan! Not Yosemite.
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    Hi, sorry for the much delayed response.
    All I can tell you is I've found the same thing myself but have not managed to fix it. There's not much else I can do at this point, sorry.
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    Myst 4 Universal Installer Doesn't Work with El Capitan?

    Get the same message before that I did after installing: Power PC apps no longer supported? Can you offer me any advice? Thanks.

    Oh, wait. For some reason, giving it one last go, the installer appears to be downloading the files onto my hd. We'll see if I can get it up and running.
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    Plays fine on a Mac Pro running El Capitan!

    I stumbled across this thread on Google, so thank you Ubisoft for keeping the forum alive. This information is for future Google travelers who may stumble upon it and hit "Last."

    It's been years since I played Myst III and Myst IV. Recently, I discovered that the Steam Store has realMyst Masterpiece Edition. I bought it and played through the game again. There are mild quirks with the camera movement, but overall a marvelous job was done to upgrade the graphics and music. It's a much more immersive experience.

    The universal installer provided in the first post STILL WORKS! The installation was very straightforward. Having long ago archived and discarded the original DVDs, I only have .DMG files of the installation discs on a server. The original installer was PowerPC so it doesn't work anymore. However, the Universal Installer didn't seem to care that these discs were mounted remotely; it treated them like the original discs and copied everything to the Mac without any fuss.

    I'm delighted to report that the game plays perfectly on a Mac Pro with El Capitan 10.11.6, without any of the modifications given in these posts. I've only played one hour in the game. So far all the videos look good, the mouse and camera movement is flawless, and the controls respond the way you'd expect.

    UPDATE: I have played the game for over 20 hours over the past week. No crashes. Perfect gameplay. The main executable is v1.03, so all the puzzles work as expected. You can even Cmd-Tab out of the game and it continues to run in the background, with the music and sound effects playing.
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    Hi all,

    I tried to install Myst iV with the installer provided on p1 of this thread, but choosing the application folder the installer responds: „the chosen location is not writeable“.
    Why that??????

    Best regards

    MacBook Pro 17" (late 2011)
    OS 10.11.6
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    i've tried for hours to install the game, For a long time it was stuck at the same action, the bar didn't move, and eventually i kept getting the same error
    cp: sound.m4b: Input/output error
    do you have Any suggestions?

    I'm using High Sierra on a Imac Pro.
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    Hi jim_veens, this indicates a problem reading your disc. It may just need cleaning, but if the error persists the disc may be permanently damaged, sorry.
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    Thanks to Gannet7 for his help with the thread. I now have Myst III and IV working with Mac OS 10.14.5, the latter without that annoying cursor glitch too.

    It doesn’t matter to me that much that the installers or whatever aren’t 64 bit. I already have so much software that I use and love that can’t be updated that I don’t think I will be updating any further than Mojave any time soon. With my current kit, raw speed isn’t the issue it used to be for me. My Mac is plenty fast enough now so I’m happy to stick with Mojave** for the duration.

    Hmmm, now, if only I could remember where I put those ‘Riven' and ‘End of Ages' discs… Yep, I have them all somewhere.

    ** Is that right, it’s pronounced Moe Harvey?
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    Actually, it's pronounced "moe_HA_vee". Like the desert!

    Moe Harvey was a well-known Vaudeville performer....
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    Ok ... I know this is a pretty old thread but I wanted to revive my old myst games, and I’m happy to report that your universal installer still works (at least on High Sierra). My problem now is, there is no place to get back to the menu screen for saving purposes. So, I have gotten to the point after the explosion towards the beginning of the game, and now I can’t figure out how to save my progress.

    I’m hoping someone might still check this thread lol.
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