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    Hi. Not new to the forums, but don't post much.

    I think this subject was broached before but I couldn't find it in latter discussions. I've noticed that some American and Japanese battleshps are missing (all I can see are the "generic" versions which are really British) and one of the carrier types are missing. (The grey one, I really should know the name but I don't.) Now, the grey carrier is in things like QB and campaign missions, but I can't find it in view object or in Full mission builder. Which makes me think they're there, but...just not accessable.

    Can anyone help? Thanks.
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    More maps, planes and ships (including the BBs) are due to be relesed with the free add-on.
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    I know, I just remember reading certain classes would be in the first release, with others to follow unspecified. I distinctly recall several classes of BB for both the Americans and Japanese.

    All this still doesn't explain why I have an uknown carrier class that I can't access in Full Mission Builder. (not Essex and not Lex) See it in the set missions, but not in the Full Mission Editor.
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    Ok this is off topic, and i dont mean to hijack this thread, but can you guys tell me if take off is an option in QMB and if Sea Planes are available?
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    To the first, no. That's why it's quick.

    To the second, have no idea. I would think so, but not sure.
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    These are the new PF ships I've got listed in the FMB. Is yours any different?

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    Hmm....yup, that's all the same. I guess I'm not missing anything that anyone else is.

    Still, did you check out QMB, and in the Coral Sea map, you have the Lex and then you have another carrier to land at. Could you tell me which carrier that is, then, cause honestly I feel pretty stupid not being able to find it in the the full mission builder or the object viewer.
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    There are basically 3 US carriers. These have additional versions via skins.

    CV2/CV3 Lexington

    CV9/CV11 Essex Class

    CVE55/CVE71/CVE84 Escort carrier (mini-Essex)
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    The other carrier is HMS Illustrious.
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    Oh ****, of course it was. Sorry all you guys...dumb questions.
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