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    I really want dresses but it won't let me level up so I can't make them it like won't let me level up at all bummer. If anybody can make dresses can u let me know if u can make them for me I really want dresses. my name online is KatieLynn
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    To make dresses you need to be a Diamond Member. Once you are a Diamond Member you can level up as a Fashion Designer. This unlocks all of the features of the Fashion Design Table bit by bit.
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    yea ill ask my mum to be a diamond member! i have some dresses but i want new ones!
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    Hey KatieLynn I can give u some dresses..I can make dresses

    And we r friends...wait r we? Well i'll see as soon as I log in ImagineTown...

    Game Name:Cecelia Graceful Destiny

    Visit the Style Lab Banners:by Jayde225 in the Hangout section for more of this!
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    hey silena_forever i like taylor swift too! she rocks! where did you get that banner?
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