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    just a quick musing can you have a hunman crew in a bomber on IL2 when online I just want to know?
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    Yes in a co-op format
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    Great. I found a pertinent thread to my question. I just signed up to this forum, so, please, bear with me if I ask a total noob-boob question.

    I've got 8 PCs in my little video production company. One of my editing guys has gotten the others interested in doing some war stuff in planes over the LAN. He seems to know that they can blow each other all to hell in separate planes. What he wants to know is if 8 guys can take different jobs in one B-17 or similar over this LAN. Will IL 2 1946 do this? If not, will the June 2009 version do it?
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    Also, what's better: CH controllers or Saitek. What are your favs in each line?
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    CH are better for the joysticks without doubt, but expensive. For pedals, mixed opinions

    Not sure about LAN, I'd assume it is possible?
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    Originally posted by Paul_Bruening:

    What he wants to know is if 8 guys can take different jobs in one B-17 or similar over this LAN. Will IL 2 1946 do this? If not, will the June 2009 version do it?
    The B-17 is not flyable in standard IL-2 1946. However, if you download and install the mods, you can do this. To get the mods, google 'AAA Arcade Forum'.

    Once you get the mods, you can take all different positions in a bomber in a COOP mission. Normally most times, you have one guy flying the bomber, then another guy who jumps from one gun to another.

    RAF74 is conducting an online war now which focuses on heavy bombers, entitled BIG WEEK. There is still room for players who want to fly bombers.

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    He'll be delighted to hear this. How many different jobs are there available on a modded B-17 that can be operated simultaneously on a LAN system? Could you list them for me? Can a co-pilot be assigned as well or does one guy have to do all the flying?

    Oh, and by the way. THANKS LOADS for the info.
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    Assuming that these would fall in the something similar category, there's anything from an He111 to a B-25 and a TB-33 for flyable bombers with crew - no mod required for the game.
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    Buzzsaw-'s Avatar Senior Member
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    There are 8 positions on the modded B-17's. There is no co-pilot's position, but you can fly the plane from the bombardier's position.

    You can only fly one position from any one Lan linked computer. With 8 computers, you can fly 8 positions.

    Pretty boring to fly any position but the pilot if you are not in combat though.

    I'd recommend you guys fly 4 bombers, with a pilot and a 'gunner/bombardier' in each plane. That way you can have the fun of keeping formation etc. (normally B-17 flights were 3 planes though) The gunner/bombardier can jump from one position to another as nessesary. Any gun positions which the gunner does not occupy are under the control of AI and will fire at enemy targets.

    Here is RAF74's standard info package:


    Which game are you using? Is it "IL-2 Sturmovik 1946"? Almost all people are using this online.

    If you have IL-2 Sturmovik 1946, then you also need the right patch for it. Most servers are using the 4.08m version of IL-2 1946.


    You can download the 4.08m patch here:


    Click on the blue highlighted text to download:


    When it is finished downloading, you need to double click on the zipped file to install it.

    Then you need to get HYPERLOBBY. Most players who fly IL-2 use this system.

    Hyperlobby can be downloaded here:


    Follow the instructions carefully.

    The game you want to select is "Forgotten Battles", NOT "IL-2". Also, some people have a problem in not pointing the Hyperlobby program at the right .exe. Make sure you point it at your IL-2 FB .exe. This is the file called 'il2fb' inside your main IL-2 Sturmovik 1946 folder, and which looks like a small icon of a Corsair, blue and orange in colour.

    The other thing you must do, is to make sure you have your firewall configured to allow Hyperlobby to launch, as well as allowing the IL-2 game to launch. Normally the firewall will ask you for permission, but sometimes it will lock up, so if you want to be sure, go into the firewall, and add IL-2 and Hyperlobby as permitted programs and servers.

    Most people online communicate with voice comms using a microphone. Teamspeak is the preferred program. It is free.

    TeamSpeak can be downloaded here:


    Once you have installed TeamSpeak, you need to create a new server to connect. Under ADDRESSBOOK, You put your mouse arrow on the 'Server' heading, and right click, slide down to 'Add Server', and left click on it. It will create a new box for the name of the server.

    For example for RAF74's teamspeak:

    You write in RAF74

    Then under 'Server Address' you enter:

    Then you put your nickname in: ?

    You connect as an anonymous user.

    The Server password is: tiger

    When you have finished putting that in, you double click on the Server name on the left, and you will connect.

    You should see yourself appear in the upper box under 'RAF74 General Room'.


    There have been a series of mods developed for IL-2 which allow you to fly the AI aircraft as well as other newer aircraft.

    To get the mods, you goggle 'AAA Arcade'.

    You will then need to register with the forum, then download the "AAA Unified Installer Version 1.1", (8 downloads)

    Then make a backup of your IL-2 STURMOVIK 1946 folder, rename it 'Mods', then install the AAA mods to it.

    In the main folder you then have a version switcher which allows you to pick either plain 4.08, plain 4.09, or modded versions of these, with or without six degrees of freedom Track IR.

    You then need to re-point Hyperlobby at this new install, at the same time you can change your name using the following instructions:


    Logon to HL then type //deleteaccount into the chat bar. Then logon with your new name and password and follow the instruction. That changes your name but keeps all your settings, friends list, etc. intact

    To change the path to the executable game file, disconnect from hyperlobby, then press ctrl and shift, then left click on 'connect' and the dialog box will come up. Click on game .exe, and note properties address, then point to the il2fb.exe in your new modded install.


    Hope this will get you up and running.

    If you are looking for more help, and a Squadron to join online, think about RAF74.

    We offer training and help to get you up and flying more quickly than you would on your own.

    Our homepage is here:

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    Thanks for all your help, Buzzsaw. I'm getting the download on 4.08 right now. I have to do it over 2 evenings since I'm on Hughesnet's kill-sat. I have an uncapped download window between 2PM and 5PM. I got about 65% of it last night and will resume the rest tonight. We may have to stay inside our own LAN system and shoot the heck out of each other since we've come to realize that my ping just plain sucks.
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