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    Well since 1946 contains the original game, it looks like I will be doing both.

    Thanks once again guys, you have made it a lot clearer!
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    As they said, get IL-2 Sturmovik: 1946 version. It is the anthology of the entire IL-2 series, or at least the components that were released by the developer, 1C: Maddox Games.

    The 1946 DVD is the final version of all the 'merged' components of the series, from Forgotten Battles (2003) through '46 and Sturmoviks Over Manchuria (2007). As a bonus, the scripted campaigns from the original IL-2 Sturmovik game (2001) -- think of it as the beta for Forgotten Battles -- were reinstated to the series. So, you essentially have all parts of the official IL-2 canon represented on one DVD.

    "Battle Over Europe" is a third-party missions expansion that adds dynamic campaigns for the USAAF, Luftwaffe, and (after it is patched) for the RAF. Russian Rocket Group developed it with a cooperation from 1C:MG, but it was released by a different publisher so I guess licensing issues prohibited it from being included on the 1946 DVD. The Normandy and Ardennes maps that are on the 1946 DVD were built by the BOE team for their product. RRG went on to co-develop Pacific Fighters, Pe-2, '46 and Sturmviks Over Manchuria. If you want to include BOE to your game, look at JustFlight.com or GoGamer.com.

    OstFront is a similar dynamic campaigns add-on, developed by Ian Boys for the Kurland and Murmansk maps that he constructed and which are included on the 1946 DVD. Like with BOE, you won't get any additional flyable planes or maps by purchasing this add-on, just more dynamic campaign options and more custom skins for the existing aircraft models.

    Other titles like The Last Days, Wings Over Waves, Wings Over Jungles, Wings Over the Citadel, Combat Over Europe, Aces Campaigns, Banzai!, Case Blau, Rebirth of Honor and others are also independent missions expansions. There are several of these titles simply because the tools to build custom missions are provided by the developer and it is relatively easy for energetic mission designers to enter into the market with a marketable product. (By 'easy,' I only mean that they don't have to write any new code or build new maps or 3-D models to be competitive.)

    "Operation Barbarossa" was the first 'third-party' commercial missions addon published for the IL-2 series. It was produced before Forgotten Battles and then was updated at least once for FB.
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    Thanks. Much appreciated.
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    Sturmovik 1946 is the only one you need.

    Get online as soon as you can, its amazing.
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    1946 is more than just added planes and maps -- don't be fooled by fools!

    1946 is 4.07 with improved handling which alone merits more than added planes and maps.

    Also TaylorTony, original IL2 1.0 had 1.01, 1.02, 1.03, 1.04, and leap to 1.1 then last is 1.2.
    Couple patches my six! That all went down between release Nov 2001 and Sept 2002, the most
    active time of the series patchwise and by interaction with Oleg Maddox and as well.

    Yah, just a couple patches... and WWII was over in a year.
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