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    Does anyone know of a decent ( comparable to IL-2 )Combat helicopter simulation?
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    Enemy Engaged Commanche VS Hokumn
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    There is a new one coming out called Blackshark, and if memory serves me correctly it is by the same people who brought us Lock On/Lock On Flaming Cliffs. It is anticipated as being a pretty good one, and I am looking forward to it as I have a weakness for chopper sims (too )There is also one coming out for PS2 that looks promising. I dont usually do console games so I might have to provide my son with a copy of this one...HEH HEH
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    Longbow/Longbow2 are my Helicopter sims.
    They're quite old, back to 1998 i think so graphics might seem lacking now a days.

    I don't really care. Well I lika fancy graphics and reflections on the water like everybody else. But for sims the only thing I ask for is good FM.

    Longbow/Longbow2 have it.
    You can even play coop in a single helicopter in pilot/gonner roles where one takes care of avionics and flying while the other takes care of target searching, radars, arming systems...

    There's still a comunity of ppl playing that game online. It really surprised me. There are even projects going on to model new ground/air units, add buildings to the 3d environment, add new maps... Amazing.

    I wish Jane's Simulations was still with us. They were the best man!!!
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    There is also Gunship! by Microprose.It came out in 2000 i thing. At that time it had fatastik grafiks.You can shout on singel men whit your gunships cannon.Apache,Tiger and Havoc is flyble
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    Longbow, Longbow 2, and Flashpoint Korea... most amazing...
    Interesting to know it's still flying. How does it do on Win XP ?? Speed problems ??
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    BlackShark is a complete study sim and will far surpass any helicopter sim to date.
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    Originally posted by VMF-214_HaVoK:
    BlackShark is a complete study sim and will far surpass any helicopter sim to date.

    But WHEN?!?!

    I've been waiting on this forever.
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