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    Hi Everybody!
    Just bought IL2 DVD complete edition ( C/W PF and AEP).
    Now I can fight in western Europe.
    Are any of the campaigns available in this version able to start in Western Europe on or around D-Day.

    I was looking to start a campaign as a RAF or maybe USAAF ground attack unit.
    Or even as an Axis ground attack unit.

    Basically how do I start a campaign in western europe or do I have to start a campaign and hope I get transferred to the right theatre of ops?

    Any help appreciated


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    Hiya Clashaholic

    Cheers for the links.
    Well handy.
    What about the ingame campaigns. Do you get to start any of the campaigns in or near the dates mentioned.
    If I want to start as either axis or allies do I have to start say as allies (RAf-USAAF) in the pacific and hope to be transferred to the west or like wise for the axis start in the Ukraine and get moved nearer the time, around the '44 type time.
    I just fancied doing some ground attack nonsense in a Tempest or Moquito over the Ardennes or Normandy, nobody else get that urge or am I some sort of deviant.

    As for the Clash, seen them loads of times starting in Dunfermline 1978 being supported by a relatively unknown band called the Specials.
    Last time I saw Joe Strummer was with the Mescaleros supproting the Who at SSEC in Glasgow about 7-8 months before he died.
    Sorry for deviating from the forum topic, am I a deviant?

    Cheers in advance


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    There isn't much in the way of Western Europe campaigns in the base installation of FB+AEP. Pacific Fighters campaigns are very separate as well. But all the maps and whatnot are present...what you might want to do is look for the many campaigns that us mission designers in the community have put together.

    For D-Day stuff I have one campaign called Lightning Strikes which is a semi-historical (as historical as possible but not specifically day to day) look at P-38 squadrons in the 9th AF over Normandy. My signature will point you in that direction...

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    Icefire's P-38 campaign is a good place to start. I also have "The Hellhawks" if you want to fly a winter Ardennes P-47 campaign. You can follow the link at the bottom of mt post where I have all my campaigns on my web page.

    If you want to use the in-game campaign system, you would need to get the Battle over Europe add-on which includes RAF, USAAF & Luftwaffe campaigns over Normandy, Ardennes & Berlin. You can order it from JustFlight @ www.justflight.com

    You can order here: Battle over Europe Add-on
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    Hi, if you want free Dgen west front campaign i suggest this one by Jumo, great dinamic campaigns for WTO and you don't need to have BOE or DCG.Jumo did great work with that


    have fun
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    Also look into Paul Lowengrin's DCG. At first it might be a little more confusing than DGEN, but you may like it better.

    Try them both to see which you like better, but when you Try DCG, ask questions, as there are many here who can help you set it up

    The link to the download is here

    If and when you set it up, either PM me or start a new post. Help is not far off

    But give both a fair trial and choose the one you like better.
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