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    Supermarine Seafire L.IIIc
    No 887 Naval Air Squadron, Fleet Air Arm, HMS Indefatigable,
    South West Pacific Fleet, August 1945.
    With and without markings.

    NOTE: The skin folder for the Seafire "F" must be created for the skin to show up in the selection screen.
    Use folder name "SeafireFMkIII".

    Compatible for use with Serval's "SkinMan", available at http://www.1java.org/sh/

    Available at: http://www.il2skins.com/?action=display&skinid=16545

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    Finally a top-top-notch Seafire skin from the master himself!

    She's incredible Ham! Thank you mucho;-)
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    Tully__'s Avatar Global Moderator
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    Ham, have you ever turned out a bad skin?
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    Oh yeah, I would classify some of my first skins as "bad".
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    nice one, again, i already have it
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    Only one thing: The right tip of the wing badge is just on the left cannon bulge. This is surely correct, but looks a little 'uncomforting'. Unless you have very detailed upper profiles or real pics imposing this, you may want to make the badge just a tiny bit smaller in order to avoid this effect.

    But, hey, I wish I could make so impressive skins!
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