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    Ok, so here's my experience with this issue:

    I turned my xbox 360 this afternoon and noticed the Game Marketplace ad for Bonfire of the Vanities at the top level of the dashboard. That link takes you directly to the "smaller" 320 msp download of Bonfire of the Vanities, which I immediately started downloading.

    The Marketplace ad makes no mention that there is an alternate download available for 560 msp with the bonus tombs, you can only find that download by actually browsing into the "full" Game Marketplace.

    I would have gladly bought the 560 msp version if I had known it was an option available to me. There's no reason why the Game Marketplace ad doesn't take you to a link for both options, Many other ads in the past have done this, it just seems like someone along the line forgot to program that option in.
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    I too was duped into buying the cheaper DLC because of the advertisement on the Dashboard. But I didn't know that there would be two versions of the DLC. And I follow all the news in the gaming world through different websites and blogs. Especially for games that I'm interested in. But I did not hear anything about there being two versions of sequence 13. It wasn't huge news was it? But really, how often are there two versions of DLC quite like this? Who would have thought that after being directed by that Dashboard advertisement, that you would have more than one option? They could have made note of that on that advertisement.

    I think it will be more notable news that there are so many people who made this same mistake. There are so many people complaining about this in forums and such, and we're not all ignorant. There was something inherently wrong with how Ubisoft advertised and sold this. Hopefully if enough people are complaining, Ubisoft would be nice enough to release the extra stuff seperately.
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    I wrote to Ubi support and basically told them the same thing that most people have had issues with.. ( the somewhat misleading advertisement from Xbox on the "dashboard" only giving one option) I asked if there was a way to download the secret locations for the difference in price...

    this is the response I got

    "Currently, we are investigating if it is possible to offer the unlockable content in a seperate DLC, but at this time there is no way to purchase those maps seperately from the more expensive version of DLC 3."
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    i think you'll find Ubisoft have no control over how the products are advertised on the marketplace, that would be like going into a store, buying something then complaining to the manufacturer because the store advertised it wrong
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    Originally posted by darthsoth:
    They need to have the "bonus levels" avaialable seperate. I bought the Master Assassin Edition and due to being in North America(Canada) the Black Edition was not even available for me. so now if I want to play the Arsenal Shipyard level I have to buy all three levels just for the one? I don't think so. As much as I love the game I am not going to re-buy two levels I already purchaced by getting the MA edition. They need to release the 3 levels individually for 80 points each so that we can pick and choose. either that or just give us NA people the Arsenal Level for free. That would be real nice of Ubisoft and very un-EA of them if they did something like that.
    I'm in the same boat and I agree on all counts. I'm not going to buy 2 maps I already purchased with the Master Edition just to get the third that I don't have. Hell, if you had released the Black Edition in North America I'd have bought it in a heart beat.

    Why should those of us that got the MA be forced to pay for bonus content we already own? I'm not expecting to receive the level for free, but charge a reasonable price for the one map those of us that shelled out an extra $20 didn't get. Release the maps individually for 80MP and consider me a customer. Until then consider me annoyed I can't get 100% Sync.
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    Originally posted by bokeef04:
    i think you'll find Ubisoft have no control over how the products are advertised on the marketplace, that would be like going into a store, buying something then complaining to the manufacturer because the store advertised it wrong
    But the other important element to keep in mind is that in this case the manufacturer's income is directly tied in to how the store advertises their products. Ubisoft gets whatever percentage of every DLC download.

    Even if Ubisoft has zero control over how their product appears in the spotlight, it certainly doesn't hurt to point out the fact they're actually losing money because of the way the the DLC is currently advertised on the marketplace.

    Like I said, I would have bought the bigger version had I known it existed, and Ubi would have gotten whatever $$$ they get from my extra 240 MSP spent. Since there's no other option for me now to get the extra Tomb content other than "rebuying" the other download, which isn't going to happen, not only do I lose, but Ubi loses too.
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    Originally posted by caswallawn_2k7:
    all this means is you were yet another person who failed to read what they were actually buying.
    this, i almost fell for the same thing, but then i carefully read the description and purchased the 560 point one. dont be so hasty to throw away money, explore the other options even if you thought there was only one
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    1. It was announced long in advance there was two versions.

    2. There is no reason these should be available for free, and Ubisoft never said they would be free. The Black Edition owners paid extra for them, why shouldn't you.

    3. The Game Marketplace link on the front of the Dashboard is controlled by Microsoft, not Ubisoft. They choose what goes there.


    4. Ubisoft SHOULD make the three secret locations available seperately for those who, for some reason, bought the cheaper one when they meant to buy the more expensive one.
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    The DLC Bonfire of the vanities should have said it didnt have bonus locations. I read the description, should i just assume it didnt have them? How am i reading the description wrong if it didnt tell me it didnt include the maps?
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    I read the description, should i just assume it didnt have them?
    did it mention having them? why would you expect a feature that a product makes no mention of at all?
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