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    I believe the guys we hear during the credits is someone we have not met yet. There are some possible hints that made me think that the guys are two assassins who are taking you to an assassin camp (maybe HQ?).

    There are a few things so far that i have found so far as possible proof.

    1) Lucy says something like " Once we have the Apple, maybe you can see it(the assassin HQ)", foreshadowing his journey to the HQ.

    2) In an email, William M. tells Lucy about his mutual concern about Desmond's bleeding effects and about how they will conduct tests on him once he arrives. Which COULD mean that the cedits scene is them already conducting their tests at the HQ or their struggle to get them there

    3) The main theme of the game is creating/joining a brotherhood. so Desmond discovering the HQ would not be misplaced, even though it is not shown

    I hope you dont consider this an over analysis

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    I will Quote my Theory From another Thread


    That is a good theory you have there.. Desmond was been made to see himself stabbing Lucy by the apple. As say a sign of something he must do. It may not literally mean he must stab her, but some sort of riddle. He then could have passed out from the shock of it all. The gang could have theb taken him to the assassins HQ, as Lucy said they would be going there after they found the apple! The two voices could then be other assassins putting Desmond in an animus!

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    **spoilers** and also, perhaps the thread title should have a spoiler tag just in case?

    Of course, my concern is that they think he's gone mad through the bleeding effect, rather than by Juno's manipulation. No one else saw Juno, nor do they know what happened when Desmond touched the Apple. As far as Shaun and Rebecca know, Desmond touched the Apple then stabbed Lucy. With them seeing that and Lucy out of comission, they could wrongly hold Desmond responsible!

    That's assuming he did actually stab her.
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