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    i have had a thought about using money and decided to research it looks like they used someting called gold byzantiums

    also i think that you should be able to buy weapons and food e.t.c

    lol i also think that there should be side missions ( and i think there is ) i remember in one of the videos they mentioned helping out priest guys so you could blend in, there shoudl be more like that so you can earn a bit of spare cash

    or you could take the easy mans way out, LOOT LOTT LOOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
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    good idea for the side mision if they dont have already of course. For the side cash it would be awsome to be able to buy other stuff and not a have to save your money lke half of the game just to get one item cause the mission did give you enought
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    They probably do have stuff like that
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    i think our friend eats and sleeps when our console is turned off

    boy is he having sleepless foodless days in the first weeks :|

    but i think he already has a very sharp sword, a nice crossbow and of course his uber gangster pop-up dagger
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