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    Just curious, haven't heard much about the kingfisher lately, does anyone know how it's progressing or if its been killed?
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    Was that thing made by Vought or had a P&W engine ?

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    Looks like both!

    OS2U Kingfisher
    Manufacturer: Vought
    Engines: Pratt & Whitney- R 985 450 HP

    That's really to bad; I love seaplanes.
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    Helloo people:

    Sorry, I haven't done much of the Kingfisher lately. I have several reasons for that: The developers silence, my real life situation moving house, brake up with GF, change of jobs, etc) and some other stuff.

    At present, LOD0 is done, skin is done, LOD1 is mostly done, and just needs tons of other boring LODs and shadows and collision models, etc. So, maybe after Xmas. If they are interested in it...

    Posting images of LODs is boring... but maybe u can spot the differences between this LOD0 and LOD1 :-)

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    Assuming the aircraft manufacturer "royalties" issue is, in fact, the reason for the work stoppage on all Vought, Republic, Northrop and Grumman aircraft in the sim (keep in mind, this hasn't been officially confirmed yet), I would venture to guess that the same "gag order" applies to the Kingfisher as well. It was a Chance Vought-built aircraft and therefore probably shares the same fate as the F4U-4. A pity for the FB/PF community and even more so for those that invested their time and effort in researching and creating the model of the aircraft.

    One can only hope - for the future of all PC flight sims - that this issue somehow gets resolved.
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    Well, I guess this is on permanent hold until news break through...
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    This royalties issue has been rolling around the model railroad community for many months. The corporate lawyers will battle it out for awhile and come to a settlement, one way or the other.

    I suspect the Ubi guys will pay their "pound(s) of salt" and game development in this sim, and all the others, will continue as before.
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    Wait a minute! The local sports center near where I live is called 'Kingfisher', therefore it owns intellectual copyright on that word, and the aircraft cannot be incorporated in a payware product...
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    well it is actually the name of a many different species of BIRD, these which catch fishes, lizards and insects from a nice dive in. So it is not a name I guess
    Nevertheless the Kingfisher was the nicese add-on plane in CFS2 for me.
    What I can see we could have a great fun with it in PF as well...
    That is sad
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