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    Will we get the patch before X.mas?

    Well, we have heard of this patch for some time now...everybody working flat out etc,,, but please..what is the latest?
    Are you/somebody, still working on it, or is it another dead duck?

    Getting a little bit uneasy waiting...
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    No Reply!

    Well as everybody can see from today's date, I have received NO reply to my simple question on the patch update.....

    So, that tells me that this 'sim' is a dead duck...... A Note to all you who may be thinking of buying,,,,,Think again... if this is how you do business, then I don't really want to give my hard earned cash to you...

    It would only take a few seconds to 'post' an answer to a simple question, and satisfy all of your loyal waiting customers, to what you are doing...but..no... that has not happened... Pity, one very bad taste in my mouth now... It doesn't really give me, or anybody, any confidence in buying any of your products again..sorry, but there it is...A real shame, as all of the previous IL2 series 'sims', have been groundbreaking, and very impressive... but, it only takes one foul up, and you loose all faith, and trust... Now that is how it is...

    I see that my first 'post' was under a 'new' name of Wonky1.... well, don't get confused... it is still me !!! how I got Wonky1, I have no idea....
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    Yep a dead duck indeed. I wondering if I can get my money back, as the patches are few and far between and they've done nothing to improve the situation. Weren't we promised a patch after the November/December one which changed the audio engine?

    I waited a year, bought a new PC and the game is still unplayable... This is what you get from big publishers EA = UbiSoft aka the game killers. EA was voted somewhere to be worst Company in 2011 how long 'till Uplay in that role?

    I logged over 700 missions on Il2 Forgotten battles - 1946 on just a German single pilot... to compare to 4 painful hours on steam with Il2: Cliffs of Dover... Thank you UbiSoft, you ruined another good piece of IP

    I will no longer support any ubisoft titles, I'm boycotting all Ubi
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    Originally Posted by fedaykinwolf Go to original post
    Thank you UbiSoft, you ruined another good piece of IP

    I will no longer support any ubisoft titles, I'm boycotting all Ubi
    You are clearly unaware that for this title, Ubisoft's primary role is western distributor....the primary publisher is 1C in Russia and the development house are a semi-independant subsidiary of 1C, Maddox Games.

    That being said, there have been several patches that improved performance (for me at least) and more are soon to come.
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    Well you may be right I don't know the full story (that's for sure), but it seems that “1C: Maddox Games” are the developers and the publishers are 1C: Company in the East and UbiSoft for the West, as you said; however, On Steam, I saw this:

    Il2: Cliffs of Dover
    Developer: 1C: Maddox Games
    Publisher: UbiSoft

    (I can be charged with confirmation bias with just the above information, so thank you for suggesting to delve deeper)

    but with this information

    Men of War
    Developer: Best Way
    Publisher: 1C Company

    Why would you need two publishers with digital distribution (save maybe for localization)? My guess is UbiSoft “owns rights” to the title “Il2” in the west, and therefor had a say.

    I have great respect for 1C games (the “of War” series (Men of War), Il2 Forgotten battles – 1946), I've even seen a very nice article explaining 1C: Methods of publishing versus the west, and it made perfect sense (trying painfully to find it again).

    But I agree, blame is to be applied to 1C Company as well..

    UbiSoft on the other hand, for me, buried Silent Hunter in DRM and requiring Uplay to run it (was it two weeks in February or March that Uplay was down?)... Perhaps it is still down as:
    * I just installed Silent Hunter started @ 2:45 pm to do a test of UbiSoft's services and @ 2:58 pm EST I got this lovely message from Uplay: A SERVICE IS UNAVAILABLE, A UbiSoft service is unavailable at the moment please try again later... I mean what??? Do I need to go on?? This is the UbiSoft I have come to know and boycott...
    * I tried again immediately... and another auto patch failure...
    * 3rd attempt finished and I can press play
    * oh Launcher failed unexpected (my fault here, chose “run as Admin” it works)

    It should be mentioned for honesty's sake and full information that, personally, I have a bad internet — there is no other option. Needing to download the patches for Uplay shouldn't be required once I am a verified customer (for game patches I'll wait out any size download that's OK). With no option of offline play it just makes the customer just that much more aggravated, why hurt customers?

    It Seems UbiSoft games don't make money they drop it for instance:
    * Last Official blog post (19-Apr-'11) (I hope they're focusing on the game too)
    * Il2 1946 official patches 4.08 from UbiSoft (http://www.ubi.com/US/Downloads/Info.aspx?dlId=2176)
    * whereas 4.11 is the newest one available at developers site
    * this is, inmho, giving up on a game that is not making money anymore, why wouldn't UbiSoft be interested in further development of Il2: 1946 via a dedicated team of developers?

    I'm also seeing a trend here as the time to develop patches seem to double upon each release...

    Initial Release (March 30 2011) day 0
    1.0.13954 (April 8 2011) +8 days
    1.0.14101 (April 18 2011) +19
    1.01.14550 (May 18 2011) +49
    1.01.14588 (May 20, 2011) +51
    1.02.14821 (June 24 2011) +86
    1.05.15950 (October 17 2011) +200 (a rough count)
    Day +381 and counting still waiting... still

    Here are two apologetic (meaning: reasons why, as well as “sorry”) posts:

    And back to DRM:

    Which I have hit, When testing Win8cp on my machines for a customer, this is my outcome of trying Il2 COD:
    1st install, on my Win7 box..
    2nd install, Win8cp on a second machine basic functionality test
    3rd install, Win8cp on main Computer, true test
    4th install, I have to wait a month
    Um, why should a Verified customer, Who successfully logged in to UbiSoft Online Service or Steam, from the very machine I installed in the first place?

    Note* Il2 is the only game that doesn't work in Win8cp — hence the re-installs. (no fault can be put on anyone in a Windows Beta (community preview) its just ironic/funny that all other games work... or, at least I don't own one that doesn't work).

    I'll be back in month to see if I can install and test a new patch or if we'll still be waiting...
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