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    Sometime next year I may be moving to an area that may not have high-speed (Cable or DSL) internet available. Has anyone here looked into or tried a satellite internet service like HughsNet?
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    Satellite if fine for most tasks but the latency involved makes for very high pings.
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    Weather like rain and snow, or heavy clouds can seriously affect speeds wen ussing satelite.

    I hope for you theres Cable or DSL...
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    Yeah , got about a little bit less one year experience with satellite high speed internet .
    First , I remeber ordering Hughes Direcway dish and waited like a month for delivery , then once I got it , I just found out to my shock that there was nobody who can install this crap and we're talking Chicago neighborhood !!
    So I had to cancel Hughes and send it back and ordered Starband dish high speed internet satellite and guess what , after dish install just to keep the software installed working correctly on my laptop to comunicate between dish on the roof and dish with space satellite was just too much to handle for stress free internet .
    What a nightmare , constantly some problems with connection .
    Calling technician for help ? $80 and it was like he really enjoyed fixing broken internet connections , I had to call him three times !!
    the rest I had to fix most of the time myself.
    Never again in my life I want to deal again with satellite dish for high speed internet .
    Throw in also what just NDS_Camp. said and all you are left with is sitting in front of computer wondering what's gonna happen next .

    Got cable high speed internet and I am now for a little over 4 years happy camper
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    See if you can find someone who offers High Speed Wireless in your area. Much better than satellite and not affected by weather.

    You usually have to have line of site to their closest tower which should be no more than 18 miles. That's what I have and get 15,000 kbs up and down. I can host 32 players with no problem.
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    Also remember that a lot of satellite is only satellite one way. It usually downloads off the satellite but uploads via a normal dialup.
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    I would not move to an area that did not have high speed internet.
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    Thanks all. I looked at the HughsNet site. They even say there that it's not appropriate for on-line gaming.

    Well, I don't know where, when or if yet. Just hope I can get DSL or Cable.

    Thanks again.
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