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    C130 playable! (sort of)

    Just an update to say, it's actually possible to fly the C130! But let me warn you immediatly: it's almost unplayable, so just for the fun of it...

    To do that you'll first have to do the trick explained by hralch on page 27 (post #267) of this thread, to add new camera modes (the one you need is marketing view).
    Then you must edit both mission.lua files (one is in Data2.pak\Data\Content & the other in Data5.pak\Data\Content).

    It Won't work in missions starting on the ground, because the C130 will explode immediately, so for the moment the mission where I can tell it works is mission 4 (there might be a few other but I haven't tested yet.)

    In the mission.lua file, edit the mission 4 imposed skin, plane and weapon so it looks like this:

    -- mission 4
    NameId = "missname3",
    BriefingId = "missname3brf",
    Directory = "M03_Interception_Course",
    Type = MT_SINGLE,
    MissionSelectMovie = "Data\\Movies\\m4.bik",

    ImposedSkin = "Data/Models/plane_playable/AC-130U_Spooky.xatg",
    ImposedPlane = "C130",
    ImposedWeaponPack = "wp_empty",

    (Note: you can replace the "wp_empty" by "wp_gunship" if you want to fire the gunship turret).

    Then save & quit (remember to save in the archive), and go to the game. Load mission 4 in story mode (not choosing a plane).

    So there you are, in the sky with the C130. Problem is, you're initially in turret view and not in control of the plane. So switch to the marketing view (the one where you repeatedly see your plane passing by, from a standing point of view). You're now in control of the plane. You may not feel like that at first because it have horrible inertia (and also there are no animations on the wings and tailwings), which means it takes a few instants between your inputs and the reaction, but it does work! You'll eventually get shot down by the ennemies, as you can't avoid missiles, but it takes some time (very damage resistant).

    Hope you had some fun

    PS: I can't post ingame pics, so if you can please post pics of the stuff from my last two posts, like the mirages skins and the mirage IV P's true cockpit and the C130 for other users...
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    Ok now I'm able to take screenshots thanks to the FRAPS thingie.

    Here you go:

    Mirage F1:



    Mirage IV P:



    C130 in Mission 4:

    Download skins here.

    There is still some fun to extract from HAWX2, we just need to force it out from the program!
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    Now I've found new stuff inside the program, mainly weapons and accessories which are modeled / Textured, but not implemented.

    One of those is the famous external fuel tanks which fighters do almost alway carry in real world (just like on the Mirage pics in the above post.)

    I've created new entries in the "weapon.lua" file, linking the new item to the model and texture of the Tank (both in single or twin configuration). Then it seems to work, as you can select it in the Hangar or mission menu. And it looks great!

    But sadly, if you validate and load the mission, they will be either missing, or replaced by another item (depends of which "plm" ID you gave to it).
    Indeed, the weapon entry will look as follow:

    Id = "rft2",
    PLM = "plm_freefallbomb",
    NumInstances = 2,
    InstancesPerSlot = 1,
    RealisticAmmo = 1,
    InitialAmmo = 1,
    InitialWeight = 1500,
    IncrementAmmo = 1,
    IncrementWeight = 750,
    WeaponModelType = eProjectileLauncher,
    AvailableForCustom = 1,
    WeaponTypeFlag = WT_UNKNOWN,
    IconIndex = 14,
    Geom = "Data\\models\\H2_Air_Weapons\\Refuel_Tank.xat g",
    IconTexture = "Data\\Textures\\H2_Air_Weapons\\Refuel_Tank_P01.d ds",
    SetupTable = { {L1i,R1i},{L2i,R2i},{L3i,R3i},{L4i,R4i},{L5i,R5i}, {R2,L2}, { R3, L3}, {R1,L1}, {R4,L4}, {LIMBR3, LIMBL3}, {LIMBR4, LIMBL4}, {LIMBR5,LIMBL5},{L1Korea,R1Korea},{AMR4,AML4}}

    Wilst the game menu gets the model and textures in the "Geom" and "IconTexture" tabs (as the picture proves), it seems that during the mission loading it accesses the weapons by the "PLM" tab (in my exemple I've used the "plm_freefallbomb" from the normal bombs, and so the plane will have bombs during the mission, instead of Fuel Tanks). If I put "plm_unknown" (or any other non-existing plm ID), then the plane will have nothing equiped in the mission (plus you will crash the game if you try to selct a weapon)...

    So I need to edit the file which indexes PLM IDs. But I can't find it!

    Does anyone have a clue?

    If you have any info on this issue or other things in HAWX2 please share! Right now I feel lonely in this topic, but looking at the hundreads of thread views and the dozen downloads in the last few days it seems quite a few people still have interest in modding HAWX2...
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    hi everyone, i wonder if we can modify the lua scripts file yet?, i tried but they can't be used in game, the game keep return to main menu. is there other way or just play without further modding?
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    SU-30 MKI blue camo (my first skin)
    donwload : https://mega.co.nz/#!CwRFULSL!ZmaBbw...TOKsUTl8GR1m7M

    V1.2 : https://mega.co.nz/#!m0JGzQyZ!O8tkaC...olC6KOnWjeWEGI

    I will make rafale ocean tiger , finish in 2 months
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    I finish my version of Rafale OCEAN TIGER (first version, some problem in this skin)
    download : https://mega.co.nz/#!OtQX3YIR!fpr0-E...Vphk2DHvBhbjRU

    In game

    In real

    You can modify my work on photoshop if you want
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    You can modify my work on photoshop if you want
    No need to modify, it looks great, The rafale skin itself has some weaks -> wings have a grey corner, where it should be yellow, BUT every rafale skin has this.

    Thanks very much !
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    Is there an alternate website to download the PAK-FA skin from on page 8?
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    Hi there,
    i'm bringing you some updates regarding HAWX 2 modding

    Turns out that if you want to repair Mirage IV's cockpit, you don't need to repack Data2.pak. Instead, just edit the planes.lua, and save it to Data/content (you need to take planes.lua from Data5.pak so you won't lose your DLC aircraft). Before starting the game, back up your save data first. When you start the game, some of the planes lost, just exit the game, then overwrite your save with your backup.

    However, I still need someone to guide me how to add more skin slot. I tried to edit planes.lua, it makes instead some aircraft gone from the hangar. I really hope we can have many skin slot, just like ace combat 6.

    Also I'm making new skin, still in progress:
    - F-16C GRDF
    - SU-27 Idolmaster Miki

    I will post more if skins are done. This game is still has some potential that we need to dig.
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    Action Force - aircraft mods?

    Some of the Jets I'd like to see are from the Action Force/ GIJoe toyline.
    Especially the Conquest X-30 with the forward swept wing configuration
    the Night Raven, the Condor Z-25 and the Hurricane VTOL.

    I've done some model skin editing, but the 3D modeling aspect is out of my league.

    Anyone want to give these a try?

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