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    Frank and I have been working on the pilot and copilot seats for the last few months. Here are some photos of the progress.

    B-17 Pilot Seat Frame

    The seat frame has to be propped up against a table as the right-hand legs (on the left in the photo) are shorter than the left-hand legs.

    B-17 Pilot seat frame and seat back

    The practice seat back we made propped up on the pilot's seat frame.

    B-17 seat back workbench

    From right to left: bullet-proof shield mounted to seat frame, practice seat back, particle board form before grooves were cut, engineering drawings for seat, "military-style" seat that is laying around the shop.

    B-17 Pilot/Co-pilot seat form

    The form we made out of particle board to make the pilot and co-pilot seats. The practice piece can be seen in the background. We will hammer aluminum sheet around the form to shape seat back. We will then run the formed piece through a bead roller to make the 6 beads that you see in the practice piece. We will then put the piece back on the form and hammer it some more.

    500-pound bomb

    This is one of the 4 dummy bombs that have bee purchased for the Champaign Lady.

    B-17 tail
    Here is the tail with the yellow strip added. It took us hours to polish the aluminum skin that has been masked off. I think they will be adding a second coat of yellow before ading the other markings.
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    Nice, wish I lived closer to help.
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    Same here. I'd love to be able to help with any B-17 project.

    I see that it's going to be marked with 401st Bomb Group colors. Which plane will it represent?
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    Nice ZC. Still coming along I see and the best part is that now the bits actually look like bits instead of bits of bits........
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