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    In my previous reply labeled "Almost Perfect", I had completely forgotten to mention one additional list item that I think would greatly improve Rocksmith. Something that I would love to see more than just about anything else, would be an option in "Non-stop play" for songs to come up in completely random order, while limited to playlist filters or song lists.
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    Hi, could you add possiblitiy to custiomize string colors?
    I keep confusing the two blue strings (I literaly see them as one color, even when I tried the colorblind mode), and that really bothers me.
    I also often don't see the violet notes, so it would help if I could set it to color that would better contrast with the background.
    Also if I could filter songs by parameters like tuning, length, year and such.
    Also also, it would be nice if you incorporated some kind of index, so that game would not scan for songs every time I launch the game. (It should be possible, Clone Hero already has it)
    Thanks, really love Rocksmith 2014 Remastered
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    Need support for USB speaker output.
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