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    Hi, could you add possiblitiy to custiomize string colors?
    I keep confusing the two blue strings (I literaly see them as one color, even when I tried the colorblind mode), and that really bothers me.
    I also often don't see the violet notes, so it would help if I could set it to color that would better contrast with the background.
    Also if I could filter songs by parameters like tuning, length, year and such.
    Also also, it would be nice if you incorporated some kind of index, so that game would not scan for songs every time I launch the game. (It should be possible, Clone Hero already has it)
    Thanks, really love Rocksmith 2014 Remastered
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    Need support for USB speaker output.
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    Hi, I have a few suggestions that I think could improve the game! First, I know a guy who is color-blind (red/green), perhaps there should be a different color for the E or b string. Second, whenever I play a song poorly, the game stops showing me the complete chords. It could be helpful to always show the name of each chord, (even during low-level play). That way the player can take their time to memorize the chords of the song! Thank you for reading my suggestions!

    P.S. I have been playing the Rocksmith 2014 version. If these suggestions have already been implemented, please, disregard my post!
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    Hi, I just tell some ideas thinking about features that aren't in Rocksmith:

    Playing as:
    Piano/keyboard (input via audio or MIDI)
    Drums (input via MIDI or some sensors)
    Karaoke/Vocals (input via audio)

    Android(can use OTG to connect Rocksmith cable)
    iOS(for another countries thant Canada)

    Very low graphics/simple tab mode:
    Just only draw 2d graphics, without these special visual effects that uses so much pc resources

    Practice with metronome:
    Select one and practice chords, arppegios, or hammer on and pull off

    Riff repeater:
    Faster: increase speed of a song more than 100%

    Friends/online battle:
    Send a request to a friend to request a battle, that means that you play a song, get the score, and then if your friend accept it and play before a lapsed time, she/he will watch your score and her/his score and you will receive her/his score to know if you win or if it's not accepted
    Send a request to a random player on internet(with similar skills as Rocksmith has thought) to a battle

    And maybe add an avatar to add personality, the same of Ubisoft's account
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    1) Please add music theory lessons to the game and expand on the technique videos. You're not going to cut out the middle man entirely as people will always want to supplement the game with other resources and website preferences, but adding theory means:
    a) making the game as much of a proper learning tool as it is a video game,
    b) keeping asses in seats playing the game longer (especially beginners, who you'll be marketing your next product to the most, I'm assuming), and
    c) giving people more reason to spend their hard-earned dinero on DLC. Plus, spending more time in-game should increase the odds of that happening, anyway.

    You already have one gentleman doing little lessons/how-to things during your weekly videos (I apologize as I suck at remembering your names, but I feel like there's a good chance it's a Brian), so it feels like that could be a natural addition to the next iteration.

    2) Please add the ability to customize song list names. I believe this was possibly something that was supposed to get tossed into the Remastered patch, but didn't due to money and/or time constraints. I figured I'd at least get that documented.

    Thanks for everything, thus far, team.
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    Loving the progress I'm getting on Rocksmith! For Rocksmith+, can you add a feature to practice sections at speeds over 100%? This can help with getting comfortable at 100%.
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