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    What's up people?!

    Personally, I thought ACII was GREAT, however the story could have been just a LITTLE bit more detailed and longer, and the social interaction and hiding should be more necessary or incorporated into Brotherhood (in my opinion). I also hope that in Brotherhood, Ezio will be able to put on a guards' uniform as a disguise; that would make the stealth even more awesome!!! One last opinion in general for the Assassin's Creed series; hopefully there will be more than just these three games; it would seem like such a waste of opportunity and potential if the story just ended here. There should be a whole new story focusing on Desmond in the future.
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    1. The story was a bit TOO long for many of my friends taste.
    2. This is not the Saboteur.
    3. The entire premise of the game is Desmond, but the Animus is a bigger part of the game than him. I don't think we will be playing ONLY as Desmond for quite a few game to come.
    4. I am good with a LONG series as long as we don't get Nintendoitis. This means new innovations, and GOOD innovations, in EVERY game. Brotherhood gets a pass, because even I, in my sarcastic, pessimistic glory, did not foresee being able to control a Brotherhood of Assassins. And that's a pretty darn good idea!
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    I thought the story was perfect. There was just the right amount of detail and its definitely long enough. Any longer and it would have lost value. The only thing that needed improving was the fighting system, and it seems they have fixed it so this game will probably be awesome. I do hope this series lasts a long time.
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    I personally thought the game was short. I got really into the game and I played it like mad during December break from school. It left me wanting more, but I'm glad AC: B is coming out soon.

    The AC series has the potential to get better and better every time a new game is released. I love the AC series and I have no problem with them making more games, but I think AC3 should end the series.
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    The following is copy/pasted from my post in the "Favorite part of AC2" sticky thread:

    What did I like? Hell, what didn't I like? This game is a vast improvement over the first. The tedious bits were largely removed, the assassin has a functioning personality Razz, the cities are infinitely more interesting to look at. What I like the best, though, is the highly creative way you guys have managed to weave real history into the fabric of the story. The way reality and fiction intertwine, the way your character influences events that actually happened in reality...it's all so engrossing! The glyph puzzles were a great addition that added a whole new layer of immersion and context to the forces at large in the story.

    If I could make one point of criticism, I would agree with some others here in saying that the game can be far too easy at points. Honestly, I'd be ok if Ezio/"whoever AC 3's assasin" is were a little less of a hyper-efficient killing machine, a little less stuffed to the seams with badass maneuvers if it meant that there would be some sense of actual danger. As it stands, I honestly believe this has to be the first video game you've ever played to actually get killed by a group of guards attacking you. Fighting is easy to the point of lacking any real tension. As such, there's rarely any incentive notto get into massive 15 v. 1 brawls. Yeah, you COULD be discreet and stealthy, but if you aren't, there's rarely any sort of consequence. I shouldn't be able to get away with cynically marching up to the guards blocking the doorway to my mark, killing them, killing every guard in the immediate area, then casually walking up to the target and knifing him while he either stands petrified or runs like an idiot through the surrounding area. The guy above me says he wants to feel like the most bad *** thing in the game. I would have to disagree. I want to be badass, but not to the point that there's no challenge. I want to have strengths (social stealth, free running) that, if properly utilized, allow me to avoid having my weaknesses taken advantage of. Making Ezio universally strong sort of poops on this balance.

    Adding assassinations in which detection results in desynchronization is a step in the right direction, I think. The revamped fighting system MAY fix the whole "stand 'n wait" nature of the system as it exists now, but I fear that it may only achieve this by completely wiping away any pretense that Ezio was ever in danger from guards by way of making them almost comically easy to kill.

    Really, it's a minor point that I've expounded upon in needless detail. Even if what I here call I flaw were never addressed, AC would still be one of my favorite game series ever. There is infinitely more to like in this game than there is not to. Keep up the amazing work, Ubisoft.
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    They should improve the combat. For some reason, combos that end up in a flashy kill usually took forever/too hard to pull off in AC2, simply because chaining the blows correctly seemed to rely heavily on luck(for me anyways).
    Combat also relied too much on counters and got really predictable and easy after a while. More unpredictable, fast paced fights is what I want.
    Although I heard the combat system in brotherhood utilizes a "Strike first, strike fast" system in order to win. Can't wait!
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    Copy pasta from my XBL post

    "Big things:
    1 - Better Fighting AI - Lets face it, this was never the highpoint of the series, but AC2 sorta turned it into an auto-play situation where you dont have to think much about what your doing unless a brute or seeker shows up. I really think the series should try to aviod touching fighting gameplay cuase when they did that in AC2 the stealth suffered. But given what Ive seen I might as well give my two cents on what I think would make this fighting game-play better.

    I think the ideal way to go about working on combat is to make the assassin able to get in a fair (not easy) fight with 4-5 gurads and adding 4 or so more guards creates a seroiuos threat. Lets take AC2 for example, the first thing you did when you got into a fight, more than likely it was spam the attack button (and you likely killed 20 people at once using that, which is ridicules). Well If start repeatedly attacking a guard or two should attack (this opens a chance for a counterkill, but you have to be carefull since you are focused on the other guard) The counter-kill window should be tightened so its much harder to pull off and if timed incorectly the assassins takes double damage (like in AC1 i believe thats how it worked) The reward for getting a high profile kill is puting you into a combo state that brothehood has been parading, but also keeping it from turning into a slaughter (guards back off if 2-3 die in a row or run if one is particularly brutal) The idea is to keep AI aggressive, but keep the combat challenging and engaging. As I said though, there needs to be a legitimate threat in a large group, enough to at least make it unfavorable and persuade assassins to run away and attempt stealthy aproaches(which brings me to my next point).

    The end result should be that players feel like they really accomplished something when fighting big groups and that players who dont want to deal with a difficult battle are forced to use stealth more .

    2 - Better chase AI (more stealth) - Let me say this once, Climbing the nearest buliding should not end the chase. In AC1, guards where where everywhere and they where determined to catch you at any cost following you over rooftops through alleys, truly challenging you get that opening to hide. in AC2 they gave up so easily I cant think of any time i needed to hide in a haystack, bench, crowd, and god forbid a rooftop garden for anything other than killing a conveniently placed guard. Lets go back to AC1 style where every chase kept you exited, long, and kept you desperately looking for any possible openings to get a split second chance to hide, not escape a really tiny bubble. And when I finally find my perfect little hiding spot that I worked so hard to get, lets see a seeker try to ruin it, keeps the player aware of their surroundings even when they think they are safe. and for gods sake, put in parts where the entire city is on full alert and we have to reaturn to a location after assassinations, it not like we couldnt use in the brothel or the thieves guild or leos house.

    3 - More freedom - I actually find it funny how all the freedom in AC2 was in the smaller missions, while boss-assassinations did not test your skills (making them the exact opposite of a boss) nor offer much freedom. when I say freedome I mean the freedom to choose how you want to kill your target. Lets take the two missions from both games where our target was on a boat. In AC2, you where yelled at to use the hidden gun, or perhaps you threw him off the boat after a single leap onto the edge if you felt adventurous. In AC1 your target was on a large bout one the other end of the docks and awaiting you. you could either take the wall and risk getting found by guards stationed about (or you could kill them them all if you liked the chalange of it) or you could test your parkour skills while you risked meeting ill fate with the deadly luquid H2O or being caught of guard by the archers, both ways led to Sibrand, and both ways tested your skill. I would love to see more of that in boss assassinations and see the lesser mission have more of the "use this to do this" (though having options are always better, at least it would not be the other way arounf like it was in AC2)

    4 - less greedy villans - one of the thing s I loved about AC1s story was that all the villans where not actually evil exept for the head assassin guy (name escapes me) in AC2 rarely do the villains portay themselves as having the idea they will make a better life for everyone as much as themselves.

    Small things:
    1 - Take out the backflip - no really, its way to fast paced compared to the speed of the rest of the parkour. What was wrong with climbing a pole? And besides ezio is 40 years old and he is just now learning to do something like that.

    2 - more levels of notoriety - add a halfway level and make it harder to put it down when it at higher levels.

    3 - less money for misions, I dont like having millions of floren to throw awaythe end of the game, or at least make basic supplies a lot more expensive.

    4 - more creed - should be a big thing, but its not something I can rant about as much. games called assassins "creed" and AC2 lacked any mention of the creed till the very end

    5 - replay old memories - self explanitory

    thats about all i can think of for now, its not that I like AC1 more than AC2 but AC1 had better pros, while AC2 brought down the pros a bit, and got rid of most of the cons, kind of balanced it out. Im really tired as of writing this so sorry if it looks a bit hard to read."
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    I would like to see higher building lol
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    Err... isn't there a thread already about this sort of thing?

    But great post Oat, i totally agree!
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    I do think the story could have been improved and longer. but now we have multi player. so that's not a problem and also make the side missions more attractive.
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