Hi Guys,

Due to the increase of posts, with people suspecting others of cheating or hacking the game, I feel the need to post this.

Publicly naming and shaming anyone, no matter what you suspect they have done, is not allowed on the forums.

Threads doing so will be removed.

This is to protect the innocent and also not to warn the guilty.

This does not mean we do not want you to report these people, however doing so on the forum is not the way..

Eugen Systems are hard at work to stop these cheats, but in the mean time, please read the following.

For PC. Please send replays and any information you have to the following email address - where a member of the team will look at them and take any action needed.

You may not receive a reply with the outcome, due to privacy, but rest assured they will be dealt with, should the need arise.

Please send your replays to the following address:


For Consoles: Please use the consoles own reporting feature: methods vary depending on console.

You should also block gamers you suspect of cheating - this will stop them from being matched with you again.

Please pass this on to friends should the need arise.