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    ...To discover that there is still a server around on UBIsoft for IL2FB.

    I've been on twice now and am quite flabberghasted by how many times I've been killed without really hitting anybody myself.

    I suppose practice makes perfect but how the hell do you stay on someones 6, like everybody does to me? I've tried flaps, taking the power off and all sorts but I just end up overtaking them and getting shot up myself.

    good fun though.
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    First thing, do what you need to get up to version 4.08m (best to get the 4.07m IL2:46 DVD and the 4.08m patch).

    Then download HyperLobby (free).

    Then Download TeamSpeak (free).

    Then find a few servers that have the settings you like, join its TS (most have a TS channel) and start working with someone.

    I'll gladly show you around a bit though I barely know what I'm doing. I'm just getting ready to introduce a good friend to this sim that has listened to me extoll it and my wife curse it for years. He's finally taking the plunge.

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    Regarding your tactics: I used to do the same things-- turning as hard as I could, deploying flaps, etc-- and my results were the same as yours. I got shot down a lot.

    It really is a bad idea to deploy flaps, turn as hard as you can, etc because you end up losing so much speed that you can't make any sort of getaway or attack anyone else. Rather focus on keeping your speed up. Never slow down too much and make more gentle maneuvers (not too gentle mind you, just don't go jerking the stick around). Speed is life.

    Do you use complex engine management? If not yo should probably learn. You can get the most out of your ship if you know what you are doing. For instance you can usually pick up more speed in a dive if you chop your throttle a bit (how much depends on which plane you are flying).
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