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    Where do I get a p38, I have the FB+AEP+PF install but can't find a P38?
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    Where have you been looking?

    In the QMB, the P-38 is not available on the Coral Sea map. There are also no single missions that come with any of the games for the P-38.

    Try my Single Mission pack...that will give you 5 P-38 missions over Normandy (plus a ton of other missions).

    Grab that here:
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    Have you checked in the quick mission builder? Both the P-38L and P-38J are just above the P-39 variants.

    There are no default campaigns or missions that have the P-38 in them - there are a few made by some mission makers here, though.
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    Hey guys thanks for the information and thanks for the mission download, really appreciate it.
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