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    N Look left
    A There's a 2 in it
    G There's no F in it
    L It begins with a C
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    Jan 2004
    Name: UniqueHorn if not Footprint
    Age: Golden -- Can feel like any of 6 to two times 6 inclusive
    Gender: Excessively male
    Location: Netherlands
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    N: Jade
    A: Old enough to know better, but young enough to try.
    G: Female
    L: Central Florida

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    Originally Posted by SageBlackthorn Go to original post
    Hey jahura, how's jahuti doing?
    This thread got bumped, so I got curious and just saw this.

    Sad to say, for those who don't know already, Jahuti died four years ago. His name is on the memorial in the Cavern, He had been battling cancer for the last couple of years. He and I used to have a lot of fun with people who thought we were the same person, and I always admired his curiosity and ability to reverse-engineer things to figure them out. He will be missed.
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    I'm David Pirkle. I am almost as old as James Marsters(Spike) form Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
    I live in the Great Northwest of Washington state, USA.

    I have loved the Myst games ever since I was introduced to them back in the mid-90's.
    I have such an obsession with the games, especially URU and Riven, that I have been making
    prop replicas of iconic items like the Journey Cloths and Riven artifacts. I am also currently, slowly,
    turning my backyard into a Garden Age. I already have two Riven-like posts at one of the pathway entrances.

    I love making these Myst creations so much that I pestered Cyan Worlds for 4 years until they gave me legal rights/permission to start
    making items from the Myst universe for my fellow fans!!

    You can check out my work at : http://pirkleations.deviantart.com/gallery/37146966

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