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    between the city and the farm, Mid-Atlantic, USA
    Allo there people. Welcome to the Uru forum! I hope you all are enjoying your time playing Uru, MO:UL, and such.

    Anyways, since there are going to be many people coming in and out of this forum, why not have a little directory of sorts? This is purely optional (of course!) and it doesn't matter how detailed things have to be, but all you do is this:

    N - name (either real or screen name, it doesn't matter)
    A - age (accuracy doesn't matter, a range even works)
    G - gender (sometimes rather helpful when trying to address who you are... don't want a sudden gender change now do we? )
    L - location (where you're from or where you play)

    Feel free to post questions (in a new thread) if you have any. Otherwise, see you around!

    N: Speedyserd, or Speedy for short
    A: mid-20s
    G: female
    L: mid-Atlantic USA
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    Ah, NAGL returns from the old days but ... but everyone is gone, oh well ... no, wait, another NAGL ... there they are. But since I'm here I'll explain:

    N: Zarnic
    A: older than dirt!
    G: a guy, also a retired knight of old
    L: Pacific Northwest, US of A

    one comment ... miss the old days, sniff
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    N: Jashworth, Jash for short
    A: mind your own business
    G: female and mother of two daughters
    L: East Grinstead, West Sussex, England

    One comment - suffering from writer's block at the moment so not so active on the forum.
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    Umm... ok.

    Name: Ivy, but just call me Maserda, ok?
    Age: over the age of being able to drink legally
    Gender: female
    Location: the Keynote State (well I think that's what it called)
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    N- Lady Wolf or Tasho
    A- 22
    G- Female
    L- School
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    N- Nick
    A- 21, finally! *toasts*
    G- Aww, no Austin Powers pun set-up? (Guy.)
    L- Somewhere in New England
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    Yipee! New NAGL!

    Nomen - MystNovice (MN for short)
    Also known by my various A&C characters: Isaac, Myself, Boppy, Id, and Jennifer. Oh, right: and Gene Starwind in the Anime Club.

    Age - Relto

    Gender - Mog... er, male mog.

    Location - Arizona, USA

    I'm having a RealLife block at the moment, so I'm not spamming like I used too, but I still check in and keep current with the stories.
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    Okay, what the heek...

    N - jahura (with a little J)
    A - (RL) Middle (IC) Somewhere around 12 seconds
    G - (RL) Female (IC) Jury's still out
    L - (RL) SoCal, USA (IC) Sabaoth
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    Originally posted by MystNovice:
    Yipee! New NAGL!
    I agree! Annd jahura Nyrond, I guess in being a goddess, normal ageing rules don't apply.

    N: John(RL) Toztabud(IC)

    A: 18, going on 19

    G: M(RL) Court still in progress(IC)

    L: Gold Coast, QLD, Aus(RL) Lurking(IC)
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    Speedy! <bearhugs!>
    Life snuck up and ambushed me again. I'm so glad to see the Myst forums are still here!

    Ok, a re-introduction for people who don't know me:

    Name: Sage is fine, or you can call me Matt
    Age: I will be turning 36 this semtember
    Gender: Male, though I'm told I'm not typical
    Location: Historic Riverside, California, USA
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