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    URU hand and shell Journey Cloth for sale

    A friend of mine is now taking orders for these cloths, a douzen are already sold so,

    If anyone is interested in purchasing a LEGAL Replica of the URU hand or shell journey cloth,

    Here are 2 links:



    Thanks for reading,
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    As Ravingspawn so kindly mentioned me, allow me to formally introduce myself...


    I'm David Pirkle. I am almost as old as James Marsters(Spike) form Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
    I live in the Great Northwest of Washington state, USA.

    I have loved the Myst games ever since I was introduced to them back in the mid-90's.
    I have such an obsession with the games, especially URU and Riven, that I have been making
    prop replicas of iconic items like the Journey Cloths and Riven artifacts. I am also currently, slowly,
    turning my backyard into a Garden Age. I already have two Riven-like posts at one of the pathway entrances.

    I love making these Myst creations so much that I pestered Cyan Worlds for 4 years until they gave me legal rights/permission to start
    making items from the Myst universe for my fellow fans!!

    I am thrilled to be able be producing the Journey Cloths for sale and commission!! More iconic items from the game are sure to follow!!!

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