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    The P-51 is one of the prettiest planes in il2.

    Do you have hints for flying it,I think that its fast,but hard to maneuver..it spins constantly..so,tactics for P-51?
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    You should not be spinning constantly. Ease up on your stick settings and quit ham-fisting.

    Stay fast, and don't push it in a turn.

    Stay off of F6 servers. If they can use the Force to see you coming then you don't have a chance to score.

    Aside from its speed, its greatest strength is its visibility. Look around, you can see wide and far in the Mustang.

    Try setting convergence to 150 meters, and get in close. If in the D20na, set the sight to 'Fixed + Gyro'. The range is already defaulted to 150m.

    Don't freak when the 'engine-OVERHEAT!' message appears. You can fly for several minutes like that. A shallow dive and 110% throttle will get you away from most pursuers, unless you are a total baboon. Plenty of time to cool it off later.

    It climbs like most US planes in this game, which is to say like a piece of sh1t. But climb early, before contact and try to engage with altitude advantage. Obviously that goes for any plane, but do it especially with this one, and you might see a whole new light.

    It has an underappreciated initial turn. You can make a pretty snappy short turn in it, just don't be chasing people in circles.

    Use flaps to pull the nose up just a little bit if it will help to line up a shot. This works real well on the P-51. In fact, it is why I have my flaps mapped to a slider. Mua ha ha!
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    Stay fast. Use plenty O' trim all the time. Don't use too much elevator (you'll black out or lose a wing).

    Oh, and stay with a wingman.
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    There was a good post about 3 months ago by Klingstroem about how to fly the P51, worth searching for.

    IMO, the P51 is a challenge to fly against the elite planes in the game, especially on the arcade servers, as was mentioned.

    It can definitely go very fast. Unfortunately, it takes a long time to get going very fast, during which time, you are very vulnerable.
    The key is to get high, get fast, and stay fast by minimizing all turning.

    It is also highly maneuverable at high speed. However, maneuver too hard at too fast a speed and your wing will snap right off. This takes some practice to figure out what you can and can't get away with.

    It's 50 cals feel weak and their tracers are harder to trace compared to rival cannons, but you can compensate by firing at very close range and aiming for engine or cockpit. Unfortunately, the nose tends to wobble alot while maneuvering, making aiming relatively difficult.

    Oh, did I mention the engine will stop with almost any damage?

    Other than that, its a piece of cake!
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    You must get much closer than with cannons, as in real life.

    To really hurt try and get within 100 metres.

    Dont fire until the target is filling your gunsight.

    Stay fast and fly her like the FW190.
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    Don't try and outturn Spitfires.

    Stay high and fast, and dive on your targets. (It's probably a good idea to setup a quick mission against 4 or more bombers on empty, and get the hang of diving on your enemy. That's what I do when I'm feeling rusty)
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