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    I think these are fantastic.

    Included are six training films from the RAF from 1940.

    All six films are amalgamated into one presentation.

    In terms of subject matter, in order they are.

    1.) Warnings against stealing parts from downed aircraft. Because it could hamper the accident investigation.

    2.) A look at RAF command structure and the importance of discipline.

    3.) How downed airmen should deal with captivity and interrogation.

    4. & 5.) These two are exceptionally detailed films on gun turret drill for the Wellington Fraser Nash turret and the Boulton Paul Defiant turret.

    6.) A really rare cartoon demonstrating the effects of oxygen deprivation on bomber crews.

    BY FAR the most interesting are the two films on the proper operation of the two turrets. Do yourself a favour and watch the film until you see parts 4 & 5. They are brilliant! (I think)

    Hope you all enjoy.

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    I cant believe this post almost dropped to the bottom of the first page without comment!

    As you say Waldo, this is fantastic.

    Only got time to watch a fraction now, but will definately return for the rest!

    Thanks for sharing

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    I started to watch this last night.. got half way through the first vid but crashed and burned.

    Will finish later
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    Thanks for this...

    I'm one of many history buffs found here in the forum.

    One day I must catalog the various video clips I'm collecting...

    Sadly I don't have very much in the way of the RAF. This was a very cool insight.

    Thanks again!
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    The Fraser-Nash Turret drill and the Defiant film separated from the others.

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