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    Maybe I'm missing something here, please tell me if I'am!!

    Having spent well over £300 for a CS,PP & PT 18mths ago I find myself with a CS with slowly diminishing buttons (see thread in the Hardware help forum).

    After filling in the online form I traded e-mails with a "friendly" chap called Steve (mods please edit to avoid those named being upset etc).

    Turns out this "worlwide" service that CH Products offer comes at a price, namely the cost of return postage from wherever you are to them and back again. For the CS, weight 2.5KG inc box, £30 to £40 from the UK depending on what sevice(didn't include surface mail @ 3 months eta) and Steve quoted me $36 to return back again.

    I was\am prepared to pay the shipping to CH products (as in the UK the majority of times that is expected) but not for the return.

    I pointed out that I read no where before I bought or since to that matter that shipping both ways had to be funded by the customer (which I guess would be cheap enough for US customers). But guessing from the rather LOW RMA (looking at the CS,PP & PT serial numbers and imcrementing 1 for each unit sold) I received this may be isn't the case, either the controllers don't fail as a rule or the shipping costs prohibit the B.E.R £\$ value and customers just don't bother.

    And as for the reply to my request\help for advice leads me to believe that "CH Products" have their toys and won't let anyone else play with them (for want of a better analogy) which is fair enough but something that I've never come across with anything that I've bought\been given. Seems abit anal (mods you can't remove this word as i've already used it) if you asked me, yes i know you didn't but all your buttons work don't they.

    I may try to pursure this, but for the sake of a $36 hardley seems worth it. Just leaves me with a nasty taste in my mouth and rather and a feeling of being conned.

    Anyway I would appreciate any comments\pm's good or bad I'm an adult and criticism is welcomed as my views are not every ones.......

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    You must feel quite funked up now but actually I don't see anything incorrect in their policy and replies to you. I mean in 90% of the cases we as consumers have to pay for shipping and handling when returning defect products. CH Products is no exception. It would be different if you had a service contract like many companies have.
    They offered you a solution to go to a local service point. At least an option.
    And it is clear they can't give you technical advice by email, phone, etc. because they don't know your technical skills and it is imaginable that you interpret the text in another way as they wrote it down. Which can lead to dangerous situations like short circuit which causes fire and so on. CH Products wants to avoid any lawsuit.

    But I can understand how you feel after your correspondence with CH Products.

    Maybe somebody else here has a solution how to fix your diminishing buttons.
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    Thread reopened I thought they were quite reasonable TF.
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    The shipping cost is because it has to go halfway around the world, from UK to California.
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    Thanks for the reply, just bringing to the forefront something I did not know about, the postage each way should be bourn by the customer in the case of warranty returns. Now if I have not read enough of the CH literature and missed it then I will apologise but I've not found anything yet.... Can any one point me to the "small print".....
    Warranty is warranty...sell goods round the world then there should be adequate methods in place to support such sales and their offered warranties.
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    Though logically frustrating, that shipping policy is perfectly normal and reasonable.

    Warranty normally covers reparation costs, and/or replacement if the fail is due to defective manufacturing. Nothing about shipping.

    Besides, you are lucky they've been so responsive and patient. Other companies not even bother in answering you, or they do really late. And your request for their support in you messing into the device was either naive or truely meant to bother. No wonder the guy was a bit pi$sed off in his last mail.
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    I find it highly unusual that you have to pay shipping to have it returned. Living in Hawaii also has it's draw backs being isolated and all. And not having a local dealer here that sells CH products can put a situation on things. I purchased these CH products in good faith (online) even though I had not tried them. Luckily for me this story has a happy ending. So far everything is still working well. In any case, if in the not too distant future my CH products do fail there warrinty, I will expect to pay for shipping to and from. Thanks for the heads up.
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    I have ch products and I was thinking to buy set for my brother, but now after hearing your story, I think they suck, I havent heard of any company who would charge you shipping exchange item back. I think I will reconsider using they products in the future.
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    Well I certainly would have expected them to pay the postage back to you for a warranty claim!We get screwed in the UK with the price of CH stuff already.
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    I've always had a great response from the people at CH, then again I never had a faulty stick or other controller from them. (Out of 5)

    It's important to remember that the man you spoke to is himself bound by company policy. It is not his fault that he can't point you in the direction of a modder in the UK who could help you out, he's not allowed to. CH's gaming division runs by the same return rules as the industrial division, again that's not his choice. He may even agree with you but, again, he's not allowed to tell you that.

    This sentence is well meant Sorry, It is company policy that the customer pay shipping and handling, even for warranty items. Perhaps you could contact the point of sale, if they are in your region (you should buy locally), they may be able to arrange an exchange if you are unwilling to pay shipping.
    Have you tried contacting Amazon?

    Try to look at it this way. How can CH tell whether you are a careful owner or if you throw the stick into a corner every time you finish playing with it? Or that you don't beat it against your desk every time you get shot down? They only have your word on that and anything else. While that's not the case here (I presume) this is why they have this rule. It's also likely, though they can't say it, that you would receive a further period of warranty if it proved to be faulty workmanship.

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