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    Every 3 seconds I get the message about a failed checksum. And the biggest problem is that the download stops as long as that popup is visible

    Is there a way to prevent that popup from showing up ? (Besides following the useless advice in that popup, I don't have dmz enabled)
    Or is there a direct download link I can use instead?

    Edit: I got myself a autoclicker and made it constantly click on the location of the OK button.
    It finished downloading and setup has finished downloading.
    In short: This popup is useless and has no meaning besides stopping the download
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    I got the same error downloading far cry 3...my dmz is off!!!! Impossible to find something in the support page... How can i download my game???
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    UbiHawk1ns's Avatar Ubisoft Support Staff NCSA
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    I am sorry you are having issues downloading your game. Am glad you were able to complete it and install scribly. I will see what I can find out about this and report back with any information I can find.
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    is there any update to stop the "checksum fail" as it has taken 3 days now to download the farcry 3 , but is completed with errors so i have to start again
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    Thank u for helping Hawk1ns24...i hope that you or ubisoft can solve my problem...i have tried to download another time, but nothing..today the download manager is crashed !
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    Holy crap, yes, figure out this problem Ubi.

    I don't have 24/7 access to my router. But I do believe DMZ is off, especially since everything I have on my computer came from a download manager, either Steam or some other Korean companies download manager for the 20 or so MMORPGs I have installed, all multi gig games, all downloaded through a downloader just like Ubis.

    Every single one of those games download managers have worked fine. But I'm getting this Checksum error constantly trying to get FarCry 3. And it has an option "Check the website to see if the checksums are correct?" I click "Yes", and it does nothing, error doesn't go away, browser doesn't open, nothing happens. I click "No" and the download resumes.

    I'm telling you, I have 650 GB of games on my computer right now, I would say 95% if them came from download managers, none have given me any problems until I started trying to use Ubis download manager.....

    Fix it please! Or else all you companies should just bow your heads and except the fact that Valve beat you to it with a way better service and pay them the fees to just put your games on steam. 88 games on my computer from Steam. None have ever given me any grief....
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    Seriously worst download manager ever. 24 hours since I started, still not done, even though my internet it should have finished this 8 gigs in about an hour. This checksum error is crap. This stopping the download and making me click through a pop up window and hit resume to make it continue is crap. I've now spent the last hour, sitting at my computer, watching it download, so I can babysit it and click "No" and "Resume" every 15 minutes.

    Worst download manager EVER. This game code came free with my new hard drive, and now I know I will NEVER, EVER buy ANYTHING from the Ubistore. It will be Steam or nothing. Forget this Download Manager....
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    Hey, the download finished! Who wants to guess what happened next?



    I clicked the run button, and it opens the download folder full of multiple RARs and the setup file, I double click the setup file, and it says Windows cant run this file!!!



    Good thing Ubi decided to make their own Download Manager for giving out their games!

    /sarcasm: This is so convenient!!!!

    Guess I'll start this whole headache over again....
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    Started over. Still getting checksum failures. So I suppose this means this download will be in vain also?

    How exactly do I get my game then?
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    Welp, the answer to my rage was simple. Avast. Appearently it sucks now that Windows 8 is out, so everyone with 8 should just stop using it and switch to Windows Defender or something else. cause my last 29 hours of grief was all Avast Antivirus fault.

    It was also causing several other issue I was blaming on Windows 8.

    Windows 8 + Avast = bad news bears.
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