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    Originally posted by -HH- Beebop:
    Good call sparty! I'm right with hyou.
    I always put every authors name (that I know, if I don't I credit "author unknown), on every skin I release. For me it's not "losing face" to admit that I'm not as good at some things compared to others. Hopefully what will make my skins desirable is the overall quality that I'm able to attain and my particular use of various other works when applicable.
    When I upload a skin I put an "EULA" in the ReadMe that states names must be left on and if used commerically ALL authors must be contacted for approval.

    It's the honorable thing to do.
    I just got on the site and happen to start reading this board. I've seen a lot of things in my time but this takes the cake. I just want to say that i'm glad i ran across it because it makes me feel like we did something good during the war.... Even if some people think we were just there for the drugs or to kill anything that we saw. I'd really like to learn to do this sort of thing but at 50, its hard to get out of bed sometimes. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!
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    An EULA for skins?

    Now, I've got no grief with you, Beebop, in fact I think you're quite a stand-up guy, but since you know I'm a skinner as well, I just gotta say: you gotta be kiddin' me, buddy.

    A small readme.txt file is all well and good, and even better if one includes a full-blown image-laden textdoc, but a kriffin' end-user license agreement? Even professional works of art don't come with those (though they often come with a "certificate of authenticity", which is a whole other beast). It's not like you could enforce such a thing anyway. Technically, all of our work belongs to Oleg, or at least should be credited to him and the dev team(s). Fact is, if someone were to nick some of our stuff and use it in either a payware add-on, or as basis for a profile (or any other possible uses), we would have no legal recourse. None. Only Ubisoft or 1C Maddox Games could do such a thing, since according to their EULA, they own not only the game, but "all derivative works" -- or somesuch.

    Essentially, this makes any "do not use in commercial works without permission" statements inherently useless. Besides, most of us know our work anyway, and are generally well-behaved in this regard, which makes these "rippers" all the easier to identify. While I myself have only been "ripped-off" once, back in the old IL2Skins.com days, it was such a sloppy and obvious SNAFU that I nearly died laughing (metaphorically-speaking). As I said in the previous posting in this thread, anything done is for the benefit of the community; someone wants to draw off the anti-glare from my P-47s, go right ahead. Want to swap out bits of tech that I made, have at it.

    Imitation is the highest form of flattery, after all.
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