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    One could hope...

    Yes, most of us have likely seen "Tarheel Hal" as a restored Thunderbolt trussed up for air shows and fly-ins. But a few interesting bits from the Web and my own somewhat meager library have come up with what could possibly be (or as close as one can get) to the livery of the actual aircraft during its service in the latter months of WWII. This skin also is the first to make use of my reworked bubbletop template...

    Go on and grab it here.

    A few notes: due to the lack of a fin fillet on the late-model Jug in-game (stupid, lazy devs... :P ), I didn't bother with the orange carryover, as it wouldn't have looked good on a straight-back bubbletop. Also, a blank without name, ID codes and serial number is included. Also...sorry for the glitching of the background...
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    Cool! It seems weird, but I like the historical paint scheme of this plane better than the restored version. It's still a bit "over the top" for a WWII fighter, but that's part of what makes it so cool!
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    Very nice work indeed
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    Nice metal work and lovely scheme, always one of my favourites.

    "Tarheel Hal" was the first skin I ever did for IL2, many moons ago!
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    I'm such a bloody tease...

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    Super duper paint-job!! That is very artsy.
    Thannks for creating this !
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    Well done.
    But I fear it's just a dirty replica...
    The original didn't have starts but dots.
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    as long as your showing us your 'Jugs'

    This has no historical meaning, but i play online and needed a good ocean camo.

    I can't take credit for the entire skin, as it was originally part of a skin pack from Monguse, and Jester. I'm finding an blank aluminum body makes a better canvass to add colors to, than the "void" bit maps.
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