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    I am proud to announce the formation of the 13th Hellenic Squadron.The Squadron is based on the historical 13th Hellenic Bomb Group which distinguished itself in WWII in the battles for Greece, the Meditereanean/North Africa theatres and the battle for Crete.

    The Sqn shall be composed of two fighter wings and a Bomber Group. We are going to stay lean and mean with a max number of members never to exceed 21 or so pilots. 6 per sqn and 3 Headquarters Staff.We will be giving our pilots leeway on which birds they can fly till BoB comes out. Till then pilots are free to use the ride they prefer unless otherwise directed by Headquarters. Once BoB is released we shall be flying ALLIED in the Meditereanean Theatre most likely Hurricanes & Spitfires; whatever bombers have been made flyable by then. The actual 13th used Blenheims, Bisleys and Bostons.

    The Training Syllabus will be comprehensive with focus on good radio comms and mission survival.We plan to focus on Coops for training and Online Wars for competition.

    We are seeking pilots of Greek descent to join our ranks but we will accept non Greek pilots who wish to fly "Hellenic" I can assure you that along with the excellent flying, members can look forward to an extremely rewarding personal experience as Hellines are well known for making life long friends.

    We have a new domain and site up at www.13th-hellenicsqn.com please feel free to visit and browse (site is new and still under construction/only about 30% complete). We also have a new forum at www.13th-hellenicsqn.com/phpBB2/ please feel free to come and sign our Guest Book.Other Sqn assests include a Dedicated 50 man TS server that is shared with our brother sqn the 336 Hellenic. We look forward to seeing you all in the lobby and on behalf of the 13th Hellenic Sqn I would like to wish everyone a safe and Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

    13th (Hsqn)Protos
    Commanding Officer
    13th Hellenic Squadron
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    Oh excuse me was that my hip. Bump!
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    A Merry Christmas Holiday Bump
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