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    Playing online many questions of etiquette arise, specifically:

    1) Just a minute ago, online on a "semifullreall" server, I stalked a He111, smoked it and then cut its wing off. As I looped away, a teammate dove on the spinning wreck and fired a long burst into it, getting credit for the kill. Is that cool? I didnt say anything. Should I have?

    2) Many dogfight type servers have "do not vulch" rules, stating that no guns should be used for planes with wheels on the ground. But often people will strafe you moments after lift off, with airspeed around 200-240 kmph and alt about 50 meters. This seems to be a violation of the spirit if not the letter of the rules. I usually wait until they get to at least 600 meters or so to engage, shouldnt I?

    3) Again, on do not vulch servers, I may be in a turning battle with an enemy, usually one or both of us have taken some significant damage, and then abruptly in that fight the enemy will switch on lights, lower wheels and start to land, either on an airfield or just a field . This generally is annoying, and I am tempted to keep on firing. Should I?
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    Drose01, based on your questions, I'd venture to say that we fly online with roughly the same general spirit/attitude/philosophy.

    I see all kinds of 'interesting' behaviour and just ignore it. Personally, I don't vulch, I don't kill steal (intentionally, anyway), don't shoot up fatally damaged aircraft, parachuting pilots, etc. No sermon here, that's just me.

    And if I see a guy put on his lights, I move on. I'm not super-competitive by nature; I fly onlne for the enjoyement, and to improve my virtual flying skills. When I score a kill, I'm having fun. When I don't, I'm still having fun.

    My favourite online breach of etiquette is pilots taking off sraight across an airfield, without even bothering to look for an actual runway, almost as though if they don't get airborne as fast as humanly possible something bad will happen to them.

    I guess it takes all kinds
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    1) A sarcastic comment couldn't hurt. Like 'good kill' or something. Not that points are important or anything.

    2) Do that if you want, though any concepts of 'chivalry' are entirely your own. Excercise caution when taking off.

    3) Most servers just disallow shooting planes on ground, so blow him away. I'll often try to land if I'm damaged, but certainly won't expect the enemy to give me a free pass (it's no fun that way!). But blowing up the enemy isn't really that important. It's more fun to watch them try and land, especially if they're missing controls .
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    1 and 2 you will have to deal with. Just try to evade. You're slower, chances are you have a maneuver advantage. As for number 1 Kill stealing happens, just ignore it, at least the plane you were trying to down got downed. That's all that should matter, no matter who did it.

    3> NO! NO! NO! This is not honorable etiquette. When an enemy switches on his lights, lowers his wheels and starts to land you DO NOT keep attacking. Unless you're a vile rapist who decides to pillage and burn all life he sees, this is not good. While it may not exist for many, it is up to you to maintain personal Chivalry. Hub says it best in Secondhand Lions:

    "D@mn, if you want to believe in something, believe in it, just because something isn't true doesn't mean you can't believe in it. "

    Honor does exist. And as long as you keep it, others will learn from your behaviors.

    I don't give a **** if it's annoying. You should respect a virtual pilot like you would a human being in real air combat. There is a plus side to this as well, save ammo for other targets.

    Honestly, I'm surprised that you would even let yourself be tempted to do that. The stain of dishonor marks any pilot who follows any such tactic.
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    Wow, Boosher, thats a strong take on question number 3.

    I dont usually ever want to shoot landers in a no vulch game, the question only comes when the transition from fighting to landing is instantaneous.

    My own personal code of honor when dogfighting tells me that when I am in a fight, especially when it goes on a few minutes or more, that I will fight til I win or die, or possibly run away, but not to abrubtly stop fighting if I am at a disadvantage and expect my opponent to lay off.
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    I'd say trying to land to get out of a fight is the ultimate breach of chivalry.

    If I land in a combat zone, I expect ppl to still try and kill me. If they don't, am I good for landing in one piece? No, I'd just be some wuss calling 'home free'. Save your misguided pity for parachutists; I'm still very much a factor, landing or not.

    Besides, if you turn your tail at me while I'm landing, I'm apt to clean up and blow you away.
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    Even worse than the "my lights are on don't shoot me" people are the pilots (I use the term loosly) who disconnect after you light them up so they don't have a shot down on the almighty stats page. Then you see them rejoining the game within 30 seconds.

    Play as you will, but remember, most df servers are Air-Quake and you will rarely see any kind of decent behavior from your opponents, or for that matter, your teammates.

    If your looking to see proper conduct, try the co-ops and online wars.
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    1. Kill stealing is just plain wrong, m'kay?

    2. I enjoy vulching with bombs and rockets on servers that allow it, but to hover over an enemy base to use my guns to attack planes that are just taking off and can't defend themselves, holds no merit for me.

    3. If I am engaged in a turn fight and the guy has the upper hand and wants to RTB, I won't shoot him in the back as he turns away. However, if they to break off from the losing end of a dogfight and try to quickly RTB to avoid getting shot down, it's clobberin' time.

    Also, on servers where home base landings are protected, that is the only place I will let them land. Anytime an enemy tries to land at a non-color base, enemy base or in the field, they are a target to me.

    Freelancer said it well, proper conduct in most DF servers is an oxymoron. Most are just out for themselves, but you can find a few good honorable wingmen to fly with in DF servers and they'll always return the favor.
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    1.) Shooting an already doomed plane is just plane stupid all it does is piss people off and waste ammo.

    For the latter two. I usually play on servers with vulching to avoid this. IMO, if you have the will to engage someone it is your responsibility to stay alive. Wether that be to victory or escape its up to you. Its immature and petty to start crying when you realized you're in a hard spot. When you start having to deal with it you learn not to put yourself in those situations anymore and fly smarter.

    That's just my opinion though and ultimatly its up to the server admin to decide what is the law. Abide by the briefing or find another server. That's about all you can do.
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    Been reading all the comments on vulching but didn't Von Richthofen vulch? Didn't most of the US airmen vulch when the Me-262 was used, waiting to catch them landing or at takeoff. Wasn't that the game in Real Life?

    Just an observation...

    Sure glad this is only a game ... some of you are rustless ...

    P.S. I only play off-line. Reading all this does not make playing on-line sound fun to me, maybe one day.
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